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Velvet Carlyle's Revenge, Chapter Two

Updated on September 8, 2013
Velvet Carlyle is about to be involved in a deeply deleterious situation.........she has been mislead..........oh, there will be PRICE to pay.....
Velvet Carlyle is about to be involved in a deeply deleterious situation.........she has been mislead..........oh, there will be PRICE to pay.....

Velvet Carlyle and Her Infernal Pact

Marylou was interested in photography, becoming quite proficient at it. She decided to turn her hobby into a full-time business. From her apartment, she decided to do erotic photographs of her friends, selling them to glossy fashion magazines for a very lucrative profit. At a party in 1984, she was introduced to a friend who practiced Bondage and S&M. The friend asked Marylou if she was interested in attending an S&M party in the West Village to which she answered affirmatively. She eventually became a devotee of S&M.

Marylou became so proficient at being a dominatrix that she become a very successful independent contractor. She then decided to change her name from Mary Louann McAlister to something more glamorous and decided on Velvet Carlyle , a more befitting name for a dominatrix. She selected the name "Velvet" because she loved black velvet and the surname of "Carlyle" after the Carlyle Hotel in New York City.

Mary Louann McAlister was rechristened Velvet Carlyle. Velvet has vitually eradicated all traces of her rural and impoverished Southern background. She was now extremely cultivated and sophisticated. When she spoke, her accent was that of an upper crust Bostonian. She was also well traveled, traveling to London, Buenos Aires, and the French Riviera. Through her Wall Street connections, she made plenty of millionaire friends, some who would be her lovers and/or future clients.

At a chance meeting in November 1992, Velvet encountered Imre who remarked how surpised he was to see her and how enchantingly beautiful she has become. By 1992, she became an in demand dominatrix, earning millions of dollars per year. He made a business proposition to her. He owned a high end boutique on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills that specialized in Versace and other prominent high end designers. Imre asked her if she wanted to take over the store. She indicated that she will think about it. Subsequently, she accepted Imre's offer to own the boutique.

However, things were not copasetic. When Velvet reviewed the records, she discovered that the boutique was insolvent and had been for the past eight months. She saw a note stating the Imre owed $100,000.00 dollars to Montgomery Hunter Barrington IV, a dark and extremely handsome Oxford educated scion of a wealthy North Carolina tobacco family. Montgomery bought and sold corporations for a living. In addition to that, he owned several apartment complexes on Chicago's Gold Coast.

One day Montgomery came into the boutique, inquiring who owned it. One of the salespersons pointed to Velvet. As she approached Montgomery, he just looked at her, saying nothing. Then he summoned two muscular bodyguards from his limousine. They grabbed and forced her into the limousine. She was driven to Montgomery's bungalow hideaway near the Nevada border. He took Velvet to his bedroom, tying her to the bed. He then questioned her regarding the boutique and Imre's whereabouts. She replied to Montgomery that she thought the business was solvent, adding that she knew nothing of Imre's whereabouts.

Montgomery asserted that she was lying and repeated the question. Velvet gave the same answer. He snarled, stating that he was a very powerful man not to be trifed with. She then became defiant, spitting in his face. Furious, he untied and forcibly disrobed her. He retied her to the bed, savagely raped her. After six hours, Montgomery let her go as he did not obtain the desired answer.

Velvet returned to the Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills. As she unlocked the door, there was Imre sitting on her bed, laughing demonically. He was in on the deal with Montgomery. Before she returned to the hotel, Montgomery and Imre came to a reasonable business settlement. It was revealed that Imre doctored the books to make it appear that the boutique was insolvent while in fact, it's business was booming. Also he was in the process of opening a second boutique. He laughed sarcastically at Velvet, calling her a naive backwoods Southern fool.

Imre took Velvet's investments, recording them as his. He set Velvet up to get revenge on her for declining his offer to be her lover when she was in college. She glared at Imre, saying nothing. She simply packed her bags, abrupty leaving the hotel. She vowed never to see Imre again for he was worst than dirt.

Velvet was deadly calm and composed. Although she was released from ownership of Imre's boutique, she never was reimbursed regarding her investments. During the next twelve years, she became more prosperous than she ever imagined. She became quite an adept practitioner of of the occult arts, witchcraft, and necromancy.

On the nght of November 1st, 2004, Velvet decided to give a private party at her West Village duplex and invited twenty-nine guests. At the very last minute she decided to invite Imre and Montgomery on the pretext that she wanted to get together with them to discuss "old times as long lost friends." French/Japanese fusion cuisine-uni(sea urchin) garnished with wasabi/hollandaise sauce on crepes, french onion soup with a dash of dijon mustard, spinach salad with creamy hollandaise/dijon dressing topped with beluga caviar was served with Merlot wine.

The sounds of Duke Ellington, Lena Horne, Vanessa Williams, Lisa Stansfield, and Chuck Mangione warfed throughout the duplex. The guests were thoroughly enjoying themselves and were reluctant to leave the dinner party. As Imre and Montgomery attempted to leave the dinner party, Velvet stopped them. With Velvet's cherubic appearance and soft voice, she started to hypnotize them, drawing them in her conversation. She exhibited charm, inquirng what occurred tothem over the past twelve years.

As Imre and Montgomery became more animated in their conversation with Velvet, she suddenly smilied and made a sound which was a cross between a purr and a hiss. They were completely oblivious to the sound and continued talkling. Then they looked at Velvet and saw that her eyes were cold as steel. She did not say anything but was in a trance. Imre and Montgomery looked at her and cold shivers ran down their spines.

The lamp at the anterior end in the front room began to go on and off repeatedly. Imre stopped the conversation and went into the central room where the electricity knob cabinet was located. He began testing all the knobs and saw that everythng was functioning normally. Then the front room became pitch black for 30 minutes. Imre started to swallow and froze in his tracks. Suddenly, there was a thunderbolt sound and the front room became extremely light. He started mumblng somethng in his native Magyar and began crossing himself several times, Montgomery just laughed, stating that although this was a freak of nature, this occurrence could be scientifically explained.

Velvet started to sway, chanting in Romany. Within ten minutes, she left the room and went towards the library, shutting the door. The lamp suddenly went out for which seems to be a very long time. The front room became pitch black again and there was a foul smell emanating from an unknown source.


© 2011 Grace Marguerite Williams


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