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Vendetta by Lisa Harris

Updated on October 19, 2015


I was sent a free copy of Vendetta by Lisa Harris in exchange only for my honest and unbiased review of Vendetta by Lisa Harris.

Vendetta by Lisa Harris

Vendetta by Lisa Harris focuses on, main character, Nikki Boyd who is on the Tennessee Missing Person Task Force. Nikki Boyd is driven to help finding missing persons due to her own past; Nikki Boyd's sister went missing ten years ago and has yet to be found. Yet a picture of a missing girl found at a crime scene may lead to a reopening of an old case. Could this picture have the similarities to help Nikki Boyd put the past behind her or will it just leave her stuggling for answers. The more Nikki Boyd hunts for answers the closer she get to the abductor and the closer she gets the more personal the case becomes. Is Nikki Boyd the hunter of the one being hunted?


Lisa Harris

Lisa Harris is a Christy Award finalist for:

  1. Blood Ransom
  2. Christy Award winner for Dangerous Passage
  3. the winner of the Best Inspirational Suspense Novel for 2011 from Romantic Times.

Lisa Harris has written more than thirty books and is currently increasing that number. Lisa Harris spent more than ten years with her family as missionaries in Africa. While in Africa Lisa Harris:

  • she home-schooled
  • lead a women's group
  • ran a non-profit organization that worked with a church-planting ministry
  • participated in the ECHO project

When Lisa Harris is not working she hangs out with her family, cooks different ethnic dishes, practices her photography, and heads into African on safaris.

Lisa Harris's writings include:

  • Dangerous Passage: A Novel (Southern Crimes) (Volume 1)
  • Fatal Exchange: A Novel (Southern Crimes) (Volume 2)
  • Hidden Agenda: A Novel (Southern Crimes) (Volume 3)
  • Recipe for Murder: Cozy Crumb Mystery Series #1 (Heartsong Presents Mysteries #5)
  • Final Deposit
  • Wild Prairie Roses: A Daughter's Quest/Tara's Gold/Better Than Gold (Romancing America: Iowa)
  • Blood Ransom (Mission Hope)
  • An Ocean Away
  • Chef's Deadly Dish
  • Baker's Fatal Dozen
  • Blood Covenant (Mission Hope)


As I wrote at the top of this hub "I was sent a free copy of Vendetta by Lisa Harris in exchange only for my honest and unbiased review of Vendetta by Lisa Harris."

This is the first book by Lisa Harris that I have ever read. I am sometimes leery of reading books from authors I have not read before because you never know what their writing style is like or if their books are going to click with you. For this reason I normally try to get such books from the library first before buying myself a copy to make sure I like the author's writing voice and style. I was excited when I got this book for review because it was a risk free chance to try a new author (for me) out and I could share the book with my readers through review.

Vendetta by Lisa Harris is a well written book. The plot flows together perfectly, the mystery elements leave you guessing, but when the mystery is solved everything clicks into place and makes perfect sense. I really loved the main character in Vendetta by Lisa Harris, Nikki Boyd. Nikki Boyd is a strong female detective, yet she is not unshakable nor unfeeling. Sometimes I feel that authors try to make their lead character too strong which leaves the character feeling fake that is not this case in this book for Nikki Boyd. There are times when Nikki Boyd breaks down and feels like she just can't keep going like when she finds her window open and a man standing in her driveway only for him to disappear and her to get a creepy text message from him. Yet what makes Nikki Boyd a good lead and a strong woman is with some help she picks herself back up and off the ground and goes back on the hunt for the abductor. Her determination to find and save Bridget sees her through her struggles as she fights to keep Bridget from following the fate of her sister Sarah.

I really enjoyed reading about Nikki Boyd in Vendetta by Lisa Harris and I look forward to reading more of Lisa Harris's books and I hope to read more of the Nikki Boyd Files. If you enjoy fast paced mystery thriller books with serial abductors/serial killers than you will enjoy reading this book. If you have ever read the 24 books or watched the TV show 24 and enjoyed it then you would enjoy the Nikki Boyd Files. I would also recommend the Nikki Boyd Files to those who enjoy USA's detective shows and Criminal Minds watchers.


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