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Venus in Aries People's Love Lives

Updated on March 6, 2017
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Jean has taught astrology and tarot for 40 years. She enjoys music, reading, knitting, gardening and meditation in her cottage in the woods.

Aries is a Fire Sign

Allows commercial usage in the public domain
Allows commercial usage in the public domain | Source

When it’s known what Astrological sign Venus is in at a person’s time of birth, important information can be found about how that person expresses their emotions in personal and romantic relationships. This is something helpful to know, especially if a person is contemplating taking the “next step” with a partner in a love affair or marriage. Venus usually makes its trek around the solar system in about one year, but the natal, or birth position of a person’s Venus never changes.

Don't you want to know your own Venus sign? Find out right here!

Venus Rules Social and Love Lives

The sign that Venus is in also tells much about how a person expresses their feelings, and what kinds of things they find beautiful. The Venus position also gives us clues about how a person likes to conduct their social life, what kinds of possessions they like to surround themselves with, and what kind of social and philanthropic causes interest them. It also lets us know if the person is a flirt who likes to date a lot of people, or a relationship kind of person, who is looking for “the one” to settle down with.

*To make this series of pieces flow and be understood more easily, I am going to name both the woman and man in each Venus sign piece, and give them traits of that same sign. While sometimes people of the same Venus sign do have relationships, it is not the norm.

Shameless Flirts!

Alicia is a very independent Venus in Aries woman, and recently became the teacher of the Zumba exercise group course in her local gym. Venus in Aries people have a lot of physical energy, and are usually always thinking up new things to do. Lately, as the class comes to an end, she has been noticing an attractive man who is leading a group of others on various exercise machines. He gives her an appreciative glance when she passes his way, and Alicia is attracted to him. Venus in Aries people are shameless flirts. So the next day Alicia waited until this guy, Antonio, was finished working with his class, walked on over, and introduced herself to him. He was thoroughly delighted to meet her, and by the end of their lively conversation, they had plans for dinner and dancing Saturday night. A Venus in Aries person is very assertive about going after what they want, just as you witnessed here with Alicia and Antonio.

Outgoing and Fun

You will not find a shy, clinging vine among them. These types love the thrill of the chase though, so be prepared that once a Venus in Aries person begins a routine relationship with another, it may quickly bore them. They will swiftly want to move onto someone new. But each planet in your horoscope is in an Astrology sign, so these can alter that fact, and make your Aries in Venus person more stable and eventually ready for a long term relationship.

These are active people who love the social scene and like to go out often. They pick up new interests quickly, and may drop them quickly as well. It can be difficult for the other person in the relationship to keep up. But the outgoing nature of a Venus in Aries person is hard to resist, and they add a sense of sparkle to any group they are part of at the time. You really miss their presence if they are not there.

Aries is a cardinal sign of leadership, and when you have a friend with Venus in that sign, she or he will be the one who makes all the social plans. And that’s cool, because they have a great sense of adventure and love to try new restaurants, will always order the newest drink or dish on the menu, or wear the newest styles of clothes that are available. You will never be bored when out with a Venus in Aries person! They are also usually very intelligent, and well versed in most subjects, so you won’t lack for things to talk about.

Keep on Moving!


Competitive and Passionate

Venus in Aries People are also rather competitive about the people who they pursue in love relationships, so for your sake I hope you do not like the same person they do. It’s tough, because sometimes you will not be able to tell if Alicia’s feelings for Antonio are genuine, or if it’s a game for her to win Antonio’s affections because she knows you like him too. And that would be a shame for you, because you would “lose” the competition, but be the one who has sincere feelings for Antonio. You wouldn’t view it as a game of wits, with a winner and loser. Also, a Venus in Aries person is competitive with the person they love, although it’s usually more of a friendly thing, they can be sulky if they lose the game too many times in a row!

Since Mars is the ruler of the Aries sign, Venus in Aries people are very passionate, and they have strong temperaments. They can be the type of people who seem to get a thrill out of arguing, breaking up and then making up. A pattern such as this can go on for a while, but soon the other person will get tired of all the drama. These are people always busy doing something, they can’t sit still, and excel in sports and enjoy outdoor activities.

The Life of the Party

Venus in Aries people can also be too impulsive and jump into relationships without thinking about it enough. This can cause problems, especially if they were still in a relationship when they hopped into another one. In some situations this can work out, but it’s dicey at best. Some Venus in Aries people are a bit immature, and expect the other person to constantly wait on them, buy them gifts, and tell them how much they are loved over and over again.

The Aries vibe can make one insecure, and in turn; wear out a more reticent partner; or a person who will say, “I love you” once or twice. But neither Alicia nor Antonio wants to have to recite poetry and soothe ruffled feathers if they don’t do something to prove their undying love every five minutes. Sometimes the Alicias and Antonios of the zodiac can be self-centered, which can get old fast. Other astrological aspects matter too though, and Venus in Aries people do proclaim their positive feelings as well. They are very enthusiastic partners, and proud of the accomplishments of their partner.

Generally, the Alicias and Antonios of the world are cheerful, fun people to be around. They are active in creative pursuits, and usually the President or highly placed in any organizations they join. Don’t forget that competitive aspect. Venus in Aries people love travel, and in fact would make excellent cruise directors. They could tell a whole ship filled with people what to do and do it cheerfully, happily explaining all the exciting activities available aboard! This placement also attracts actors and musicians, any people who love to be on the stage and the center of attention.

Pros and Cons Regarding Venus in Aries People

This is a mentally active sign, so keep it in mind that their boredom level is low. Very low. If you are the type who likes to order take out Chinese and watch a movie on the weekends, and that's the most exciting activity on your agenda, a Venus in Aries person is not for you. But they are warm hearted, generous, and usually involved in a charity of choice. Alicia has loads of male friends, and would never understand why Antonio might by bothered by this. But if Antonio thinks it’s OK to have Sunday brunch with three girlfriends from the old neighborhood, think again. Alicia will join them; then try to demolish them in a game of tennis to get them out of the way.

Venus in Aries people tend to marry young, though considering the times we live in, “young” is a relative term. But since they also tend to be a little immature, if they are too young to live together or marry, the relationship will probably not endure. This is a difficult development, but Venus in Aries people are smart, and will learn from the mistakes of that first relationship. They are ardent and demonstrative, will make parents with the same qualities, and generally keep you so busy, you won’t have too much time to ponder your level of happiness. They have their own ways of doing things that are very charming, and are really fun to be with. So with all those positives, I guess life is quite good, isn’t it?

Venus in Aries Lovers

Free commercial use in the public domain
Free commercial use in the public domain | Source

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    • Jean Bakula profile image

      Jean Bakula 2 years ago from New Jersey

      Thanks John, good to hear from you. Hope all is well.

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      John Hollywood 2 years ago from Hollywood, CA

      Love this one Jean! Thanks for writing and psting

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