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Venus in Leo People's Love Lives

Updated on August 14, 2016
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Jean has taught astrology and tarot for 40 years. She enjoys music, reading, knitting, gardening and meditation in her cottage in the woods.

Love is in the Air


Find What Astrology Sign Your Venus is in!

Everyone in their crowd has been plotting to get Lindsey and Logan together for ages. It just seems they are perfect for each other, because unbeknownst to their friends, both Lindsey and Logan have Venus placements in Leo. Both of them are warm and outgoing people, who like to dress up and show off a bit. Their friends have watched both of them go through a series of unsatisfactory relationships, and know that both are people who love being in love, enjoy showing off their partners, and crave excitement and drama.

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Plot to Bring Two Friends Together

So, when Sarah and John got engaged, and the serious wedding planning kicked into gear, Sarah chose Lindsey to be her Maid of Honor, and John chose Logan to be his Best Man. They hoped that by putting these two romantics in such a beautiful and emotional setting, dressed to the nines, and in a position where they will have to dance and be together for the marriage toast and dinner, Lindsey and Logan may finally get the chance to see how much they have in common. What gets more dramatic than a wedding and reception? It’s perfect.

Lindsey is an interior decorator, and has an eye for beautiful, well made, expensive furniture and accessories. She has a great sense of color and design, and since she was able to borrow money from her parents to start her own business, it’s finally turning a profit. Her customers are loyal and word is spreading about her terrific sense of style. It is classic, with her own twist of lovely fabrics, good art, and comfortable, yet lavish look and feel. Venus in Leo people do everything on a large scale, and each room or home Lindsey works on is a showcase. One of her great rooms was just featured in a popular interior decorating magazine, a real boost to her reputation.

An Engagement!

The wedding went smoothly and the Bride and Groom were stunning. The bridesmaids looked lovely in light green gowns the color of sea mist, and the men wore charcoal gray, showing off the Groom in black. Lindsey was particularly beautiful in the emerald green gown which highlighted her dark mane of hair (Leo women always have perfect hair) and porcelain skin. Logan couldn’t take his eyes off her and held her tight as they danced the night away, not too shabby himself in his charcoal tux and tails, intense blue eyes and black, curly, longish hair. His diamond earring was a nice touch, Lindsey thought. Not unexpectedly, Lindsey and Logan began seeing each other regularly, and he proposed to her about a year later, at the grand opening of his second restaurant. The chef made a gorgeous chocolate rose dessert in a raspberry sauce, and the lovely, ruby engagement ring was nestled in the petals of the rose. The whole restaurant was in on the secret about the ring, and included in the champagne toast to the couple.

It was an ardent love affair, since Venus in Leo people have strong affections which they are not afraid to show, and behave in theatrical ways which attract attention. Lindsey and Logan brought out the best in each other, and in their generosity, began to make both of their businesses headquarters for charitable donations to the needy, especially around the holiday seasons. What a great outlet for their sympathies and kind heartedness!

Great Career Would Be a Restaurant Owner

Logan is in the restaurant business. He bought a local place with an old friend who loves to cook, with some money he inherited. Sun sign Leos and Venus in Leo people are generally lucky when it comes to winning prizes and getting money. Good things just come to them easily. Logan oversees the administration of the business, and enjoys greeting and chatting up the guests. The place is turning a nice profit, as it’s located in the heart of the city, offers great food and atmosphere, and Logan has a way of picking up on what will become trendy before others do. So far this business partnership has gone off without a hitch, and it is becoming so profitable it may soon be time to open another similar place in a different location. Venus in Leo people know where they want to go in life. They want nice things, and once they zero in on a goal, they are steady and will stay on course until they reap success.

The wedding date for Sarah and John approached quickly, and this weekend is the time for the rehearsal dinner and ceremony practice. As planned, this put Lindsey and Logan in each other’s presence, and to everyone’s delight, they seemed to really begin conversing quite a bit for the first time. They both took an interest in each other’s careers, and the serious yet romantic mood made everyone lighthearted and dreamy. When the couple practiced the dance the bridesmaids and bridegrooms would join in after the married couple was introduced and had their first dance as husband and wife, it looked like some sparks were flying over by Lindsey and Logan. In fact, although they left in separate cars, they decided to go out for coffee to continue whatever it was they were discussing.

Honeymoon in Paris


Shopping For a Home

Lindsey and Logan worked hard before the marriage, so had enough money to move into a nice home they bought before the wedding. They knew they would have time to redecorate or make the home more as they liked after their two week honeymoon in Paris. Once they got back, they decided they wanted their home to be a unique place to relax, one they could really enjoy with their friends and family. And they hoped to have a large family someday.

So what Lindsey and Logan decided they could not do without was an expensive media room. It would be so much fun to have a home theater, with a huge movie screen and a curtain which goes up and down by remote, just like at a real theater. Big, comfy, leather seats for all the guests were a must. Lindsey made a special order for shades on the windows that worked by push button, and found great chandeliers with dimmer switches. Logan found a business that sold old fashioned popcorn machines, and cotton candy ones, so the guests could eat all their favorite movie and TV snacks while viewing. All that makes a person thirsty, so the wet bar is very handy. And the huge aquarium with tropical fish really makes a statement too. Both of them are overjoyed to have this beautiful room to show off in their home, and happy to see their friends enjoying it too. And the night family and friends came over to “christen” the media room, they were treated to a homemade video, featuring Lindsey and Logan, announcing that their first child is on the way!

We are Family

Of course, the addition is to start on the second floor immediately. Logan has huge plans for the nursery, only matched by Lindsey’s. And of course, there must be two permanent guest bedrooms, one for each set of Grandparents. They will want to be there often. And everyone needs at least one extra guest room, just in case someone arrives unexpectedly and needs to stay over. Wait, Lindsey decides it’s best then to have four guest bedrooms, each with a private bath complete with soaking tub and generous lounge room in each bedroom. Who knows how soon the next child will be on the way? What a thrill! A smaller extra room may not be a bad idea as well, for now it can be used as a home office, and later changed to a nursery if they are blessed with a second baby.

And the property value will soar once the outdoor room and patio are finished. The pergola and pizza oven look fabulous, and thank God they had the forethought to put a small island with a refrigerator and sink out there. It’s so convenient to have all your kitchen needs outside, too. Then work on the gardens, pool, hot tub, the cabana and guest house can commence. It’s a good thing they had the foresight to buy a good sized home on ten acres of land, and that both are owners of businesses that bring in lots of cash. They sure think of enough ways to use it. But Lindsey and Logan are living their dreams, having the times of their lives, and sharing it with all the people they love. What could be better than that? Do they invite people over to show off sometimes? Of course they do. But all invited are welcome to share in this adorable couple’s dreams, and they both worked hard. Well, they were lucky too. I warned you.



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    • Jean Bakula profile image

      Jean Bakula 2 years ago from New Jersey

      Hi word55,

      Thanks for reading my work. Yes, Venus in Leo and Sun in Leo people usually seem to live charmed lives, things appear to come easily to them. Of course, it may only look that way on the outside. They are kind and usually very generous, and get involved in helpful causes.

    • word55 profile image

      Word 2 years ago from Chicago

      Hi Jean, I enjoyed this reading. What a wonderful life for them!

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