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Veritas vos Liberat - the truth will set you free

Updated on March 24, 2012

Universal beings
is what we all are
members of the Human race
a special race by far

If only we could see
and truly understand
how many gifts we have
could we then maybe end

Separation by
the colour of our skin
or the churches telling us
that we are born in sin

So we may live in guilt
surrendering to fear
waiting for a saviour
one that never will appear

Instead of taking our
stop buying all the lies
the truth will set you free

The truth of who we are
and what we all can do
without those limitations
that they put on you

Caging our thoughts
controlling our minds
illusion and deception
so we may never find

The strength of our race
and who we really are
members of a special race
a special race by far



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