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Veronika Decides To Die - The Complete Review

Updated on October 9, 2011

Imagine you are in your mid twenties and you are tired of living. You are tired of getting up in the morning to do the same thing you did yesterday, you are tired of that empty feeling after adult activity and you are also tired of having no future ahead.

You decide to die.

What happens next?

In case of Veronika she was taken to a hospital for mad people and she was told she would have between five and seven days of life, after those days she would die of a heart attack because the pills she took to sleep provoked a necrosis in her heart.

After the doctor's life sentence the books talks about the hospital in general, about the people who live there and how they do not want to get out, even after they are healed. Why do they choose to be in a hospital for mad people when they could be out enjoying their freedom? Because they have free food, free shelter and free health services.

What could be better?

The best part of the book is when a master visits the hospital to give advice to people there. They could see the man was obviously drunk, he was trying to convince a young lady there to go to Paris with him and then he just fainted on the ground. Some people left, thinking he was a fake, like many fakes pretending they are masters of something. When he got up, he was not appearing drunk and said those who continued there for him were those that matter.

After that the book explains what an aneurysm is, it is a balloon formed in the arteries that blows when it reaches a certain amount of pressure. The person goes immediately into a coma and dies usually in a few days. There is no way to detect or know you have one except with a brain scan.

Now we have the case of a female lawyer that was having panic attacks. She decides to go to the hospital to treat herself. When she got well the husband sent his lawyer with the divorce papers and the company where she worked did not want her anymore.

The book also explains that if God did not want Adam to eat the apple, why did he place the tree there in first place?

A very interesting fact now, from the book, did you know the QWERTY keyboard was invented to make people write slower? Why can't we have faster keyboards? Because people would not want them because they are used to the qwerty now.

As you know, people who commit suicide tend to repeat it, so Veronika was not heart sick, that was invented by her doctor to make her appreciate life more. She never knew she was not sick and now she enjoys every day of her life like if it was the last!


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