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Updated on November 22, 2017

Spinning tales . . .


A tale could be told in so many ways - by a string of spoken words, with pictures, using gestures or facial expressions, even by resorting to impassive silence. Dreams and hallucinations have their own intriguing tales to narrate. Some are short; a few are tolerably long, while some others can be tiresomely lengthy. They can be lyrical, insipid, exciting, or faltering. They evoke every possible manner of emotion in us, exclusively or collectively. They are a reflection of life.

And all of us - without exception, are tale-spinners. We do it constantly and relentlessly. Life would come to a standstill without this activity. Yes, we have our unique styles though. On one extreme, we have those who can mesmerize their listeners, while on the other, there are those who make their audience yawn and go to sleep. Between these two defining categories, there can be innumerable shades of raconteurs.

Rightly or wrongly, I place myself somewhere between the two extremes and my preferred style of recounting a notion - real or imaginary, is in verse with pictures to go with them. I call them Verse-a-tales.

This page has a verse-a-tale describing what made me take to this mode of expression.


The inner call

© 2010 Ram Ramakrishnan

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    • profile image

      grannysage 5 years ago

      I have neglected visiting you my friend. I must spend more time perusing the loveliness of your words.

    • profile image

      SnoopyGirl1 7 years ago

      Wordwinder your name is apropos! You are an amazing weaver whose thread is the written word. It has spun a a magical blanket in which people can wrap themselves! Nice to have met you! Please drop by my lens about a crazy Siamese named Skippyjon Jones who thinks he is a Chihuahua. Author Judy Schachner is an amazing weaver too! Her specialty, children's books!

    • Spook LM profile image

      Spook LM 7 years ago

      Thoroughly enjoyed this and your style. The little master is one of my all time favourite cricketers, love watching him bat, a little master he certainly is.

    • justholidays profile image

      justholidays 7 years ago

      Your lenses are always delightful to me as if I don't always properly apprehend the specificities of the English poetry/literature, your pages include exquisite illustration; which generally explain the texts very well.

    • Grasmere Sue profile image

      Sue Dixon 7 years ago from Grasmere, Cumbria, UK

      Lovely lens, and thank you for the lensroll. I wonder if you have heard of our famous local story teller, Taffy Thomas. I've written about him on " 10 more things to do in Grasmere"- this is not a plug for my lens- I think you would really be interested.


    • MatCauthon profile image

      MatCauthon 7 years ago

      Wow. The messages were golden. *****