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Updated on December 4, 2015

I toss and turn at night restless without her warmth to comfort me,
I wake each morning still alone and cold shivering in my misery,
I rub the sleep from eyes and try to summon the will to get out of bed,
I try to be positive but it's a daily struggle with the demons in my head,
Will this finally be the day that all my fondest wishes are fulfilled,
Or could it be the day that all my hopes and dreams are killed,
I tell myself it will eventually work out, everything will be just fine,
But those demons are still there quietly whispering in my mind,
I can't bear to listen to it anymore or it will drive me totally insane,
I have to get up out of this bed and make those voices refrain,
I have got to get it done I will not lose myself to woe and despair,
I will trudge on until I find that special girl who really does care,
I will not give in to the demons and I will forever continue to fight,
I will shove back the darkness and emerge victorious into her light.


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