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Victormaj, & Chivs86 Poetry-Muddy Waters Pt.2

Updated on May 28, 2014

VictorMaj & Chivs86 Poetry Presents:
Muddy Waters Pt.2

Inspired by:


The mundane of this world is muddying up the water,
with everything they’ve taught ya.

But amazingly though,
it remains not to be seen.
To be honest, and true
in this world full of sin.

Which we live in.
- is now the end? -
When you can’t do right. Is all you have left?
when the best is yet to come -
It's like things will always get worse
start new problems.


So if you don’t get noticed when you beat of your own drum’
then run away to a place as far away from -
you might find the same,

Or you might not. Instead find a place that places you,

in the front of an all seeing eye.
An eye watching you, from the corner of it’s mind.

So in the end then well what you’ll find
is maybe a different place,
but still the same life


Till we cease to exist,
but what’s the truth of the dream,
When your true definition’
is no longer what you think, it is.

What bleeds out of your stream,
because main stream sold all your hopes and dreams


So in reality you still remain not to be seen.
When nothing ever really is your own property

Like a small child that’s heard, but not seen.
They might hear what you think,
but won’t know what you mean


And now this mundane voice that you've heard
is now yours,
with a purpose that never was.

Still there, and purposely to deceives us,
the eye on the pyramid’s our best kept secret.

Inspiration & idea

Well not that this is something i feel i can take the credit for, i give respect to where respects due - to the writer of the original poem 'Muddy Waters' by Victor Maj, but my inspiration to take this piece, and put my own spin on it was probably the first line:

'The Mundane of this world is muddying up the water'.

Something i imagined being said by Rapper Pusha T, one half of the group the Clipse. Which is quite funny really as something I noticed about the writer 'Victor Maj''s profile' was that he'd done a review of Pusha T's latest release Wrath of Cain. Which oddly enough i also wrote a review of at the same sort of time. So i would say it's quite possibly because of Pusha that this poem came about.

About the original poem though i really liked the imagery behind it, and also it's clinical finish. My problem with it though was i couldn't say it how i wanted to hear it, but not to take anything from the writer - his original hub - I've posted a link to at the top of the page.


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