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Victory is coming towards you

Updated on November 7, 2013

Glide across the ice
it's just a matter of chance and fate
someone is going to slam into you
sliding across the ice
the voices will insult you
the crowd will boo
stadium lights twisting and turning
hockey sticks maneuver
with the sharpness of a blade
crossing the sheet of glass
numbers keeping score
every second counts
it's just a matter of time
keeping your eyes focused
shutting off the noise of the human race
some times you win or lose
skating side to side
bouncing of walls
your opponent wants to stop you
shooting, aiming for the championship
breaking across the ice
nothing can stop you
it's just an obstacle in front of you
face sheild down
watching every move
waiting patiently for the right
the moment always comes
when the light shines down on you
raising the stick, shooting with precision
how that puck slides
it's the moment everything changes
bringing that victory towards you.


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