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Vision and Scarlet witch - A Love Story and Attempt at poetry by Barnsey

Updated on June 16, 2012

True Romance Tales like this don't happen in comics anymore

The Vision was not human. He was a synthetic android embedded with a spirit gem. the gem endowed him with many of the personality traits of Wonder man. Therefore although Vision had been created to destroy the Avengers his good moral fiber and altruistic nature won over his original programming for many, many years.

Wanda Maximoff, aka the Scarlet Witch, was the daughter of Magneto and a mutant with reality distortion capabilities. When she fell in love with the synthetic being many were shocked, including those among their own team, the Avengers. I don't know if anyone remembers this but they once released a limited series The Vision and Scarlet Witch. It was a true love story between two shunned, lonely people. One a synthetic android and the other a dangerously powerful mutant

Now, somewhere in time when I had no longer collected comics I have learned at one point Wanda lost her mind and the pregnancy that had begun in the limited series resulted in two children. The children were created by her hex powers. There was no actual way for her and the android to mate. When it was suggested to her that the children may not be real she would become dangerously psychopathic. Eventually they called in an expert.

The Vision was dead and gone so she'd clung to the children like they were a piece of him. Only a Telepath with the power of Prof. X could possibly stop her tirade. He went into her head and shut off her psychopathic love and anguish. The children vanished and she went on before she finally remembered everything and went off the deep end. That then caused a huge tumult in the Marvel Universe because she'd wished there had never been any mutants.

At the time mutant populations had grown ot an all time high in the Marvel universe. Honestly it was to the point of ridiculousness and this was a way ot narrow the cast back down a bit. On the day Wanda went off the deep end thousands of mutant lost their powers simultaneously. Wherever they were and whatever they were doing. Many lost their lives and many others lost their purpose.

I always felt they shouldn't have destroyed her character. She was different from any other Avenger and gave them a unique and unpredictable asset on the field. By destroyed I mean they made her essentially a villain because of her mental issues. For so long she served as a hero and you would think she'd get treated better than, "Oh, I guess you're the bad guy now!"

I digress. Below is a short poetic verse in honor of the love shared by a heroic android set to explode and a psycho mutant on the edge of going off! Excelsior!

True Love

Her hair deep Scarlet

Sorceress, Witch, lady Hex

A long list of suitors

Each lasciviously coveting sex

None were ever his equal

The android who could never do harm

Strong and always calculating

Worthy but devoid of charm

Ever escaping the shadow

of father full o bile

Wanda turned to the only man

who yet allowed her to smile

Vision and Scarlet Witch

the news media blared

they were just two heroes in love

But the world simply was unprepared

Their love is carved in legend

Tree of life their fate is known

though they do not lie together

Neither one is ever alone

Think of these two

when you question love in others

Know that there are no walls

If you bear true love for one another


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