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"Visions of Freedom" by Eric Wayne Flynn

Updated on December 4, 2013

"Visions of Freedom"


Skimming across rocks

Sailing in the sun

A long haired man in a window plays some keys

Inspired; i move accordingly

Accordingly you join me

A friend with a beat takes a seat

Another cuts through heaven with an ax

Pillows of grass are wrapped in an invitation to the party

Everyone is invited

Bass and treble equalize us

Electrocuted heads, separate but one

A feast is shared

Rationally, everyone has their fair fill

We drink from the river

I dunk my head and swish it around

Rising up wet, finding myself...

Staring into a porcelain sewer filled with hate

Walking straight

My jacket keeps me warm

I smile at simplicity

My simple city lives in the grey

I add colors and draw

Visions of Freedom


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