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Visiting an Old Friend, the June-bug

Updated on June 26, 2019
kenneth avery profile image

I love food and I love to cook, but sometimes, the first love takes over my second love. But not in this case.

Prepare for the Junebug Invasion!

If You Know Your June-bug History

then you will know the tag, "June bug" refers to any of the 100 species of beetles that are related to the scarabs familiar from ancient Egyptian iconography. Other common names for the June bug include "June beetle" and "May beetle." The common June bug is one-half to five-eighths inches long and green in color. Actually, they are not a pure green, more like a Jade color of green. Very colorful and yet, very deceptive and very calculating.

Personally, I have nothing against June-bugs. Maybe when they hatch and then grow from grubbs into flying bugs, then, as the video above shows, a June-bug invasion can take place from anywhere in the south and these pesky critters do not have to have a perfect nursery in order to give birth to other June-bugs. It's kinda like one family member taking care of the other June-bugs.

June-bugs Mind Their Business And Do Not Start Trouble With Humans.
June-bugs Mind Their Business And Do Not Start Trouble With Humans. | Source

But This Is Where The

relative kinship ceases. One of the deceptive facts concerning our colorful, playful June-bug is that when they are fully-hatched and ready to roll, they can devour tree leaves, shrubs, and any green plants sitting outside the home. When I say 'devour,' I mean eat the leaves like there is no tomorrow.

So it would pay to pay close guard when June rolls around and you see more than one June-bug, then odds are, you have yourself a swarm of them and they ARE hungry. I suggest that you call your nearest pest exterminator who can find June-bug locales and take care of business without harming any of your tree leaves, shrubbery, or your outside plants that have green leaves.

Take It Easy, Mr. June-bug.
Take It Easy, Mr. June-bug. | Source

Enough Of The Scientific Jargon

about June-bugs. But in “my”case, June-bug, because the rest of this piece is in first-person where I am going to imagine myself as our true American Hero: the June-bug, and I do have several thoughts and ideas about this cute insect that always brings a smile upon my lips.

  • I do not care how depressed I am at the time, but when I say June-bug, out loud, my depression instantly-leaves and I feel great. Magic? No. Voo Doo? Are you serious? Could be that God created Junebugs simply for THAT purpose for us to feel good.
  • Why the name, June-bug? If I have wings and a tiny body that doesn’t weigh much, then I can be “Julybug,” that sounds fine to me. Or what about “Octoberbug?” This gets better and better. If you know who started calling ME and my kind, June-bugs, please let me know so I can share these thoughts with them.
  • I read in the above “serious” text about ME devouring homeowners’ greenery and tree leaves because I am attracted to Green. Yeah, and I am secretly a hornet in disguise. This implication is just because we love green because after all, we are green!
  • To share my irritation that I have kept to myself for years, what do you think about kids in the Olden Days tying a string to one of my legs and a funny message was put on the other end of the string and when the June-bug was released, the June-bug was supposed to fly far away and release the message—which told of the kid’s phone number and address for the ones finding the message to get in contact with the kids who designed this game. Frankly, I do not like such games, which can be translated as a form of slavery in my opinion. I was born FREE as well as my kinBUGS. FREE! This is what I want children of 2019 to know and NOT try anything as stupid as this horrible “game.”
  • June, as you know, has always been dubbed as “the Bridal Month,” because so many girls get married at this pleasant time of the year, but why do the brides NOT use us, the June-bug population help entertain the bride, groom, the entire bridal party and the family and friends who attend this special event? Something to think about.
  • Insects such as wasps, honeybees, hornets, and yellow jackets have built-in defensive tools such as stingers and when used on human’s, they cause lots of pain, but have you ever thought that WE, the June-bug, has nothing like a stinger, but humans love us and do not cause us any trouble. Go figure that one out.
  • In closing . . .I cannot confirm this piece of prophecy, but June-bug always fly in swarms and I can see a day in some future time, when the docile June-bug will land and say to the Human Race, “we have had enough,” and begin to take-over the earth and start running businesses, military posts, and even the Mom and Pop stores that helped make America great. We will not bother these elderly store owners because it was and is the elderly who have NEVER tied strings to our legs and demanded that a stupid message on paper was flown to some far-off place. For the elderly’s compassion, we will remember them and take care of them.

Honestly, we cannot ask any more than that.

June 26, 2019_______________________________________________

Green June-bugs at peace with Nature.
Green June-bugs at peace with Nature. | Source

© 2019 Kenneth Avery


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