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Viva là vida

Updated on April 29, 2017

To the person for whom I am a sex object-Thankyou.Thankyou for making me strong and brave and alive.
For you, my childhood was a brothelMy innocence was your pimp And I was your whore.
The wrath of your eyes silenced my voice And the groans of your lust was my longest gloomy night.
The filth in your eyes is the wounds on mineAll the thoughts you had are the scars of mine.
These scars of mineThese scars of mineYou are the story they're trying to hide.
But I say no moreI'll die no moreI'll hide no moreI'll cry no more
Now is the turn for you to cryNow is the time for you to dieLike the deaths I've diedLike the tears I've cried
For my tears have driedAnd your whore has died
Now the girl you see us an all new lifeWith a heart that poundsAnd the screams that shoutAnd the eyes that seeAnd a soul.....that's free.


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