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Vivian - Adventure

Updated on July 20, 2013


In the novel “La Condition Humaine (Man’s Fate) - 1933," André Malraux wrote If a man is not ready to risk his life, where is his dignity?With the same idea, Helen Keller stated that Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.Deep down in every one’s secret ego there is an adventurer, an eternally youthful spirit that hungers for new and strange places, for new and wondrous experiences. It is a wonderful human feelings that calls for people desire to travel and visit unknown places, or to enrich their knowledge of the world. It is also the ancient longing, very far more ancient than the first human being who looked up the bird in the sky, with a hot and weird desire wished that he could fly.

When thirsting for adventure, there are some kinds of sentiments can be experienced. First we are anxious to know the place we want to go, and we eagerly look forward to making the acquaintance of new friends in a new environment. Second we worry because we don’t understand, what will happen if we enter a strange cave, or a lonely and vast waters. Then we’re sad as soon as we have to say bye some one else for leaving. Even though what we feel and how we can settle our own matters, we always would like to plunge headlong ourselves into several adventures, or at least one in our life. How come? The answer is: Adventuring is not only a travel, but because a chance let us know how to protect our fates when we suddenly face with risks.

We recognize that if we go some where for spending our holidays, we both enjoy the new horizon and take care of ourselves when getting on the strange society. The more we go, the more we get. The more we plunge headlong, the more we should watch out. Some adventures are simple, as we go along the seashore. Some adventures are very dangerous, for example, we wander in the desert or lose our ways in the jungle. So it is our responsibility to know where we go and what kinds of adventures are suitable for us. Because any thing is possible, and never say never.It looks like Alexander the Great used to say “ I deleted the word from my dictionary impossible.

In shorts,adventure is the chance for feeling, seeing, and challenging experiences for learning. We enjoy what we impress, what we are sensitive to the interesting and the beautiful, and what we feed back after adventuring.“ Veni, vidi, vici ” - the classical Latin sentence means “ I came, I saw, I conquered ” reported written by Emperor Julius Caesar in 47 BC, also that means it is nothing impossible - will give us the magical pleasure any time we go some where as an adventurer.


9:14am Tuesday August 7, 2012


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