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Vivian - Joanne's Belief

Updated on July 20, 2013

Joanne's Belief

Joanne would like to travel around the world. “Some day I will get what I would like.” Joanne always says that, and Time also hears her confirmation for a long time. She says enthusiastic. He hears quietly. They sincerely share their feelings with each other, and they know clearly what are going on their minds. Some times Time wants to expresses that Joanne’s dream is so great, but it’s also so hard to achieve. However when he sees her eyes are as bright as stars, suddenly he hesitates. He doesn’t want to break her wish, and especially he doesn’t want to destroy what she would like to build in her inner.

Time thinks Joanne is daydreamer. She lives in a dream that has nothing to do with reality. There are several things in her brains, they look like imaginative thoughts indulged in while awake. But as soon as he says that, Joanne will open wide her eyes and confirms like this: “No, I’ m not a daydreamer, honey. I have a dream, a real dream!” He replies:“Sweetie, you know who had a dream and it was real.” She miles “ I know Pastor Luther Martin King! And if his could be real, mine is either.” He thinks how believable is she! Nodding his head is as like as the sign to agree, he says: “Yes, yours will be real.”

With Time, belief is a complex word. It’s both positive and negative meaning. Whenever it appears, it often makes him feel uncomfortable. He doesn’t know why, but he really recognizes this strange sense. With Joanne, on the contrary, belief is a perfect idea. Neither doubt nor question, she accompanies perfectly with the word belief, feel free and confident with it. What she wants to do or what she pays attention about them, she believes she can catch up all. So weird is she! Time asks her:

“Have you ever been up set or disappointed any thing?”

Instead of answering, her eyebrows raises a little bit, and she asks:

“ What do you mean?”

“What I means is you don’ t feel to give up or to disappoint if your dreams never come?”

“No, because I believe they come. As the matter of fact, they’ re true so they should exist.”

“ Thanks God for your strong belief.”

“Thanks God for you believe what I believe.”

She ends her statement by her wonderful smile.

Any time Time see Joanne’s smile, he does understand Joanne’s belief is very significant, and she never says never with her dream.


9:21pm Monday July 23, 2012


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