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Vivian - Thanks A Lot All Of You

Updated on July 20, 2013

Thanks A Lot All Of You

Life is the journey
What you would like to do
from your departure to destination?
Have you ever known your goals?

I asked myself the above questions
When I wander in the rhythm of life

Observing the world
I see
So weird are these matters
So bad are those cases
But I ignore
It seems
I live no aims and emotions

I keep in my mind
What I should do
What I should say
What I should give
What I should be

Life is impermanent
Time never signs its commitment
I also live no compliments

That day
I discovered the amazing forum
Quietly I read
There were many people,
who come from many places of this earth,
shared their expressions
They wrote, criticized, and quoted their thoughts

It does not matter who are who
among billions of people in the society of internet
Also no one have questions the others’ backgrounds
Respecting the difference
Greeting honest friends
Harmonizing the freakish conversations

They all have the only urgent dream:
What is the best way to heal our world’s heartbreaking suffers
How can rebuild our world’s freedom, prosperity and peace.

I moved my tears when I read what they shared
From that day, the day I knew this amazing forum
I myself look at my journey
Last but not least
My departure and destination must plan

I talk myself:
Decide, and be specific
Make my own goals
as clear and concise as possible so I can envision these
Obviously I do choose the specific strategy to reach them

Our grand parents said
If you are talent and famous
You also make your earth's reputation
Yes, We do! Why not!

Thanks a lot all of you
who established and shared your value thoughts
in the amazing forum Hub pages
Your thoughts and conversations were greatly appreciated.

1:34am Friday July 12, 2012


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    • Vivian-tmt-hnp profile image

      Vivian-tmt-hnp 5 years ago from USA.

      1:13pm Friday July 13, 2012

      Dear getwellsoon,

      Thanks for your significant compliment.

      This picture is The Pongour Waterfall, the famous waterfall at Da Lat City, South Viet Nam.


    • getwellsoon profile image

      getwellsoon 5 years ago from US

      Wonderful thoughts and a beautiful picture. Where is that, I would love to visit someday! :)