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Vivian - When Will Be In The Old Days?

Updated on July 20, 2013

When Will Be In The Old Days?

On the way from home
If I face with any buddy
Who cries lonely
Should I stay for consoling or only see?

On the way from home
If I face with any buddy
Who suffers for his or her luggage so heavy
Should I give them a hand to carry?

On the way from home
If I face with any buddy
Who is hungry and thirsty
Should I share my food quickly?

May be I do not give my hands
May be I help nothing
This unsafe age makes me doubt any thing
I am afraid of contact with the strangers
Who never knows what happens
If they, the strangers above, pretend their bad fates
for tricking my great heart
and harming my life.

What an awful time!

People can sell and buy every thing
From the simple to the modern merchandise
in the supermarkets.

But the retail stores never sell the honesty
So I can not buy the belief and the truth.

On the way from home
I see the miserable people
Their poor destinies leave me completely cold.

The golden era of the great kind is so…so far
It seems the best things only exist in the old times.

This evening I myself wonder
When will be in the old days?
When I will come back in former times,
where all humane stories are always begun
by the sweet and famous phrase: " Once upon a time…”

2:21am Friday July 13, 2012


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