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The Voice Of Woods

Updated on August 28, 2014

Wood Cutters! What have you come for?

To push back the forest here.

What saw-toothed tools have you brought along,

To despoil the foliage growing thick here.

Lumbermen! To us you are amenable not;

More Loggers conjoin as your answer inarticulate.

Weapons abundant, vehicles plenty congregate,

To wage a War against Nature.

Fellers! You walk with pride beside Walking Harvesters,

For the commercial logging to begin.

At the deafening drone of cutters,

We choke with tears, just before assassination.

Lumber cutters! Our existence is inseparable,

For let us perpetuate bartering carbon with oxygen, thinking about gain mutual.

Remember the flora we lavishly bestow,

Besides the fauna we lovingly sustain.

Nature Plunderers! Deforestation for gain material,

May, warm you up with the heat of Inferno.

However, Tree Huggers and Eco Lovers,

Have avowed to preserve greenery on Planet Blue forever.


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    • profile image

      Anant Singhi 3 years ago

      Great poem about nature. We must save trees to survive, without trees no living organism can survive.

    • profile image

      pritam 3 years ago

      Fabulous!!!!!! I like the poem about nature

    • Rajib Chakrabarty profile image

      Rajib Chakrabarty 3 years ago from India

      a beautiful narration in the most lucid manner

    • profile image

      Debolina 3 years ago


    • profile image

      Eliza 3 years ago

      an excellent creation. your love for nature is expressed in such a touching way... i am spellbound

    • profile image

      debanjana 3 years ago

      an exquisite masterpiece...m out of words...brilliant emotions conveyed in a brilliant way

    • profile image

      Soumik 3 years ago

      The world just talk about nature.

      You Expressed Nature and I would say Mother Earth will remain safely guarded as long you keep voicing your love for it..

      Very contemporary and Very touching.