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Voices of the Dark

Updated on September 26, 2013

The Voices of the Dark

I could hear the voices in the dark. I was hiding, I didn’t know what was going on, and I was determined to remain among the shadows. They were coming closer, a momentary breath brought pause, and a turn in direction. Towards me? I couldn’t tell. It was angry; their tone was full of hate and terror, as if they were on a mission of revenge. What did I do? I couldn’t think of anything. The floor was shaking beneath me as the shadows seemed to shrink away, exposing me to the world I was so desperately trying to avoid. I couldn’t move as I desperately tried to avoid making any noise so I could hear every flow of their movement. Were they coming towards me? I still couldn’t tell. Their voices have ceased to exist so all I could hear were the claws, their nails, whatever they were, moving along the floor. They were certainly near me, the fear growing in my body. I couldn’t hide anywhere else though, and I couldn’t move to try and make a run for it. They were bigger, faster and stronger than I was. The door opened. They were mere inches from discovering me. The moonlight struck the shadows, disintegrating them to the point where if I even trembled, I would be exposed. I was facing away from the door, too terrified to look at what might be coming at me. They were speaking again, and I couldn’t tell what they were saying. A foreign language, maybe, but it didn’t sound like it was from this world. I keep thinking back to earlier tonight and how this happened. I was comfortably lying in my bed when I heard the glass break downstairs. Screaming came from my mother, and then my father, the sound of furniture being destroyed came soon after. I knew I had to hide but I had no idea where. Underneath my bed seemed like the best conclusion. I had no idea what was going on. I was against the wall under my bed trying to make myself as small as I possibly could to whoever might be looking for me. Snap back to the present, those invaders were still in my room. I saw them from under my bed. At least their feet. They were big, claws protruding from their toes, a sickly green color covering their scales. What were they? Close my eyes pretend this is all a dream. Something grabbed my ankle with a deathly grip, dragging me from where I was, digging in my fingernails trying to stop this, feeling them break, feeling the blood , hearing my screams as if I wasn’t really in my body, I blacked out.


The Transfusion

I awoke a time later...a time...I don't know how long I had been out. I didn't really what had happened, the last thing I had known I was being dragged out to be killed...I blacked fingernails...

I looked down, my fingernails were gone, bloody pits of where they had once remained stung with the pain of broken nerve endings exposed to all the crap in the world. I looked around, begging for a clue to where I was and what had become of me. Where had these creatures taken me? I felt like something was behind me, someone...something...I didn't know what they were, but it was behind me.

I started running, hoping to escape whatever was chasing me, running down a dirt road I found myself leaping over graves to try and escape the people chasing after me. I don’t know if I fell, or just ended up somewhere…

In a room with about eight other people we were just fighting uncontrollably and I had no idea what was really going on. All of a sudden an alarm started going off and one of the guys in the room went crazy, asking if I was willing to risk my life to be trapped inside the room with him. I ran for the door as the steel locks engaged to lock him in. I ran for one side, he ran for the other. The walls outside the door were bloodied from ceiling to floor, people were hacked to bits and pieces and whoever was left alive was lazily limping like they had entirely lost their minds. All of them had this contraption shoved into their veins. Two tubes were connected to two different veins, and they twisted through a pack that was filled with something that looked like blood, it was like their own little transfusion pack.

I had to get out of there, without the little pack, without dying. People began to notice that I didn’t have the transfusion pack latched into me and began making the moves to corner me. I ran, I didn’t know which way was out but it was better then standing still. Things were swinging at me, I didn’t know whether it was a better idea to jump or duck half the time but I made it without getting hit. If I finished the job myself, and got killed purposely, then maybe I would miss this reign of torture they had already placed upon all these other poor individuals. But maybe the death would be prolonged, maybe I'm in a different place where I won't just die. Per the example of all these people limping about missing parts of their bodies. They were still alive, drooling from the corner of their mouths, moaning about their eternal hell. Alive, they were alive, still breathing, still so conscious of what's going on around them. I had to get out alive. But they weren't human anymore, they were a former shell of their being. I was still alive. I could still bleed. I could turn this around. I could bring them back.


The Transfusion...continued...

I had to figure out a plan and figure it out fast. I was drawing more attention to myself by containing all my limbs and being "human". I had to act the part. I had to be one of them and blend in to save my own life. How would I manage it? I would have to do something.

I dropped to the floor to army crawl next to one of the body parts. I looked at the transfusion kit attached to this torsos back. It was a tiny machine inserted through its skin. A small metal package contained a maze of tubes floating in and out of the package and the skin. One of the tubes contained a black oozing liquid. The other tubes seemed to be filled with blood, but it looked sort of diluted in a sense. It was darkened, a bluish tint behind the tubes. I didn't quite know what to think of it.

The blood flowed constantly throughout the tubes. There was no break, no air bubble, almost no just looked like it sat there in the tubes. I poked the torso I was crawling next to. It seemed to not notice my existence. It just kept crawling onwards with an unknown destination. I pushed the torso and it still kept on moving in the same direction. I stared closer at the package that contained the tubes. It didn't seem totally stable. I looked for the weakest link in the package, and noticed a loose tube connecter. I wrapped my fingers around it slowly, like an animal stalking its prey in the tall grasses, and took a grip of the tube. I took a deep breath and pulled. The blood within the tube covered my hand and instantly burned. It burned like an acid, eating away at my skin, and in one spot I could see my bone. I bit my lip and closed my eyes to try and silence myself from making a noise. My blood dripped out of the eaten hole in my hand as I could feel the drops on my unburned skin. I squeezed the tears out of my eyes in order to try and clear my vision. The torso had stopped moving. It had just dropped to the ground.

This transfusion pack seemed to be keeping these severed limbs alive. Had these creatures who kidnapped me taken humans to experiment on? Were humans their little lab rats? They had to have a certain type of human they were looking specific requirements in which they were trying to preserve through the transfusion packs. Like Zombies almost...but most Zombies were created with a virus. These packs were absolute motives of science.

Science Fiction Theatre: The Human Experiment

The Discovery

This was a science fiction experiment on humans. These creatures that had kidnapped me from my bedroom, that had ripped my ankle apart and caused me to tear out my fingernails, were attempting to use me for an experiment to make me immortal. Is immortal worth it? To watch everyone around me die and I kept staying what I was in this moment and this time. But it's not about being immortal for these captors. They wanted to turn us into zombies (in a sense of the word) to turn us into their person soldiers. Were they using us to take over the world? That could be it. That's too simple to go to this much of an extreme. There had to be something else they wanted to do with us, to go to these extremes, to keep us alive no matter what.

I reconnected the tube to the metal transfusion kit trying to make sure none of the "blood" would burn me again. There was none left in the tube as it had all drained out. I pushed it back into its holder, almost immediately the fluids started pumping again and the torso resumed its military crawl.

I was so entranced by what was in front of me I had zoned out all that was going on around me. I heard a familiar sound echoing through the hall around me. The clicking of those nails. Those disgusting creatures and their razor sharp claws. It sounded almost like a dog walking across a tile floor...that click-clack of their nails on the floor. I heard it as a grand procession. Multiple nails clicking and echoing. Moving towards me. My eyes had closed in fear. I opened one eye just a sliver, only to come face to face to the foot I had originally seen has I was being dragged from the life I knew..........................................


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