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Voices (poem)

Updated on July 26, 2016

I’m searching for answers once more

A road that I traveled before

Was there a sign eyes didn’t see

Some hope I forgot to explore


To amble through this destiny

Where clouds are my best company

And voices are calling ahead

I think they are calling for me


Are these tears or sweat I now shed

As I delve for something I dread

And voices cry help’s on the way

I search out my reason instead


It seems to me just yesterday

When kisses weren’t that far away

And each dawn would promise more light

Was heaven in each word she’d say


Now when did I not hold her tight

And when did she slip out of sight

What shroud caught me so unaware

To dash all my hopes into night


Still voices that say that they care

All lack the perception I bear

A future I cannot ignore

Is staring at me from down there


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    • Michael-Milec profile image

      Michael-Milec 14 months ago

      Isn't it a rewarding reflection when we wake up and know those voices are just short lived summer dream?! Or a reality being lost in thoughts...