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Updated on September 10, 2015

Drawn into a complex realm of misunderstanding, ya fell while trying to balance on the edge of your mountain peak, the little stone that held no significance under your foot created a roll and ya just fell, ya fell I say!!! do to your lack of observing!!! now I am not, and will never say that it was deserving. Twas your folly my dear foe. Ya run your mouth and exercised your jaw, they were both foot step's that lead to the stone, that lead to your fall. Loyalty. What is loyalty to you truly? You have no obligation to do any sort of worthy duty!! Yet is it wise to bite a hand that helped you?, to paint a punkie portrait of a chap that tried to like you?. Now look at yourself!! looking up at the sky paralyzed, helpless while the vultures fight to get their turn to peck apart your eyes!!!you vicious pathetic creature who based your life in telling lies. Goodbye.


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