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Updated on May 6, 2011


The Human Condition takes many forms, of which, in these most modern of times one called THE WAG. Social Scientists have discovered this form of human life only in the last 10 years or so and the advance it has made into the national mix is truly amazing. The World Cup Cometh, So Flee Country was my earlier hub on this subject but in all truth it extends far beyond the perimeters of Football into many forms of so called entertainment to enable this sub culture to reproduce at a truly alarming rate.

WAGS, to the unknown and unwary are termed thus because they are WIVES AND GIRL FRIENDS of the currently "famous" in the field of whatever. Football corners a large slice of the market and with the World Cup, there becomes a form of feeding frenzy to see these latest subjects publicised to high heaven. You are hereby warned.


WAGS have spawned their own industry and you may not be able to open a newspaper, view the TV for more than 30 minutes, or even listen to the radio without some mention of the wretched species. Indeed they have even effectively their own publicity organs. I now this because I ave a Daughter in Law who lives on Planet Hello/OK much to my annoyance. These for the uninitiated are colourful magazines published monthly and aimed chiefly at women with the IQ of pond life. If you ever want to know what pure drivel is, just have a glance. You can usually find a 2 year old copy at the Doctor"s waiting room.

Now I blame not the brains behind the products but seriously question what our nation is to become as their readers nurture the next generation. The only hope is rebellion.I get blamed for my sons spending excesses because of my frugality in their upbringing. Rebellion you see. Bet it does not work the other way though.

We hear of ever better education, excellent examination results and practically the whole of the nation now at University. So from whence comes the minds of those who wallow in such banality. There are even books about them I m told.I think those will actually fail because the target audience of Vicky Pollard"s would not be seen dead reading a proper book!


Answers on a postcard to any red top newspaper, TV chat show host, Hello ,OK etc etc.You see I fear there is no solution because making money out of airheads is just what they are there to do and apparently what far too many of our female members want to learn about. The use of the word "learn" is not really appropriate though in all truth.


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