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Updated on September 25, 2017
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Nestor is a student of university of benin,currently studying industrial chemistry,who believes his love for literary work came from God


A little girl who had seen it all in kindergarten

Saw her mom buried in red like roses

Just her dad left with painful burdens

Yet it was hard for one to even notice

she grew to be loved,adored by papa

Who took the place of a friend, brother and lover.

She spent her days playing with dad at the garden

Their bound so strong, rare and unseen.

Walking a road hand in hand with his daughter

He got a text one sent by John his partner

Peter it read, final job we get

Go to Syria and bring back our lost soldiers

It took him days to convince Mariam his daughter

She wept but knew he had to follow orders.

Months had gone but yet no call from papa

She knew it all, he was faced it great disaster

Papa gone a dream she hoped to wake up from

But never a dream his body said it all

A life without her lover, friend as a father

Oh poor little Mariam met her end in her father's burial



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