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Loathing Lovers

Updated on January 9, 2012

i cannot breath.
lying awake each night for the fear of dreams.
never do i close my eyes, afraid of what i may see in the darkness of it.
restless pain of one left wanting.
still do i stand.
still do i walk. though the road laid out before me may be covered in blood and i may fall, still do i walk.
i am a warrior.
into your eyes i gaze and search for what i know was once there.
only deception do i find. only lies.
this love you so claimed for me, this romance, it is shredded.
torn apart and crushed like so many before it.
what we were together, you and i, like lovers in the sun. now turned bitter, cold and unrelenting.
we tear at each other like demons and spit out nails. screaming and kicking like the beasts we are.
and still do we love.
for why we stand side by side each day no one can say. not one can see. none can comprehend.
we are soldiers you and i.
we walk the bloody road together and together we fall.
but still do we walk.
the pointed wires lined along the path to shred our feet with each step hold no chains to us.
and for all our deceptions, our lies, all the unmeasurable torture we place upon each other, for all this we do hate.
we hate to love.
but still...we do walk, we do fall, and we do love together.

so each night do i lie awake, fearful and trembling in the dark, and seeing only a crimson path before me, and as i slowly sink into the thick coagulated mud, i feel your arms around me.

and we are an army once again.


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