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What A Kiss!

Updated on November 3, 2011

A bug blindly kissed my cheek in search of a flower of honeysuckle treat.
A cool breeze brushed against my face; whimsically, in search of a higher place. A lingering feather tickled my nose, to ignite a sneeze whence my sleep, I rose. Hither and thither that feather glided moments on ease, as I grabbed my pillow to give it a squeeze. I buried the sound in a fluffy satin case and felt the warmth of your breath, etched against my face. I wrote this expression to show that I care, with everlasting thoughts your kiss is always near. My lips pressed against jasmine scented paper, seal my token of love forever. With you always, is where I want to be, so I write of the things your kiss remind me. Sometimes blindly, warm and sweet, a whimsical breath, a honeysuckle treat, are the thoughts that fill my head. What a kiss, your kiss I'll never forget!


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