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What A Privilege (Poem)

Updated on September 18, 2013

What a privilege,

It is to call You "Father"

To have audience with You,

To come before Your holy presence

With prayer, thanksgiving and praise,

Knowing that You,

Are attentive to my prayers

What a privilege,

It is to worship You,

In spirit and in truth

For You seek such to worship You,

You inhabit the praises

Of Your children,

It is Your delight

It warms Your heart,

Oh, I desire to please You, Lord,

It is what makes my heart beat

What a privilege,

It is to call You, "Father" and

To be called Your child.


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    • profile image

      Santo 3 years ago

      - you got some pretty epic shots in here dude! I love the one where you tuenrd the horizontal shot into a vertical (the one with the white negative space). Rad concept!

    • profile image

      Imma 3 years ago

      Ok let me start off by wiping the tears away ..Jessica witnhacg this video makes me think back on all the years we grew up together an how you have become to be such a beautiful young lady!! Jerome, you are an amzing person that i have become to know and that has recently been added to our big family. I still consider Jess my sister no matter what! LOL, You all are perfect together and this film is AMAZING Did I say amazing?? I wish you both LOVE, LAUGHTER and a happy marriage! THis video is awesome and I'm looking very forward to seeing the rest.. LOve you guys!!