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WHAT WOMEN WANT - Secrets For Your New Valentine

Updated on February 9, 2011


So boys, let's get down to it...shall we? So, you found "the one" or atleast someone you feel like trying really hard for. Congratulations! You have come a long way. So let's begin!

First of all what you need to know in the beginning is that you need to be completely honest with her and communicate when you are "stuck." What I mean by "stuck" is...when you hit a wall or a small argument or get caught in a little fib, you must fix it right away. Don't let it go for any longer then it should. Remember, women are always looking for flaws because they are used to it. I can see some of you shaking your heads already! The reason why I say this is that somewhere along the line a woman gets let down by a male. It could have started with her father or an older relationship. Her reaction to you will depend on the situation and circumstances in her past. Show her how serious you are as soon as you know the feelings are mutual. The men or boys that I have loved the most always gave me something dear to them from their past. This I took as a big deal and still do. I still have kept these "treasures" many years later and even today while I type this I am wearing something that someone "special" gave me a while ago. Just's "the little things" that count the most. Most "passionate" and "loving" women pay attention to "details."

One of the things I always tell male friends of mine is to be consistent. Women like to depend on whoever they are interested in for a longterm relationship. The biggest mistake you can make with a woman is not being "who you are." Sooner or later she will figure out that you were not being honest and your relationship will end. Just imagine a new building being "built" with a shady and incomplete foundation. Eventually it collapses and so will your relationship.


This is really important so listen closely. I have dated very wealthy men and some not so wealthy men. Quite a few very wealthy men failed in a big way and I will tell you why. They never did the little things, the "constant" and "consistent" little love gifts and were too into themselves. What I mean by "LOVE GIFTS" has nothing to do with money at all. "LOVE GIFTS" can be anything from making your woman tea in bed to giving her something that is dear to you from your past. Sending her e cards, writing letters or poetry is also a nice thing to do and does not cost a thing and you can easily do every day. A gift does not have to be expensive and it could be something that you have had for a long time. You can pick a flower from a garden or take her for a walk in the park and tell her how much you love her or adore her. It may seem "mushy" to some of you, but it works. Big gifts and nice cars do not work if you do not give her lots of attention because I can guarantee that someone else that does not have as much and who honestly adores her... WILL. Many very wealthy, successful and prominent women have ended up with men that do not have the same financial status and there is a reason. PASSION is most important! Get it?!!!!...GOOD!


So you give her attention and you do nice things. This is a good thing, but she always knows when you are with someone else. She can just tell because it is easy really. Let me tell you how she knows. The time of your phone calls even when you are in another state or country is very important. Women get used to patterns in relationships and depend on them if it even has a chance of getting serious in the future. She always knows... so there is no need to lie about it and pretend you are by yourself. If you are juggling quite a few women, the good one will always get away. Trust me. Quite a few men know this but they always make the same mistakes over and over again and disappear in a vortex of "pretend." Do yourself a favor if you really want that "GOOD ONE" to stay and come clean. Otherwise you will never have a chance with her. And if she is really special, I would advise you to do it NOW. Unless you enjoy these type of games and do not care if you lose the chance with this "special someone." In that case...continue to have fun! Afterall it is your choice! 


I'm going to close this little lesson with a few good and solid words. A relationship starts with TRUST and RESPECT. LOVE is a beautiful thing but without those two important words, a relationship does not even have a chance. TRUST and RESPECT are not used for just the opposite sex either. Even good friendships require these two important words. The minute that you lie, you have gone into the abyss. Once you get in there it gets harder and harder to get out. So the best thing to do when you find that "special someone" is to make sure that it is really what you want. Because sooner or later you may hit that wall. If this "special someone" asks you do do certain things for them that would help the relationship along, be "thankful." Afterall they have strong feelings for you to even "go there." Luckily I have had enough experience in love to know exactly what I want and need. I hope that you find it to... deep down in yourself. You must know "who you are"  and "what you want and need" before you can ever LOVE someone else truly. This is the biggest secret. I hope you find that "special someone."


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    • prasetio30 profile image

      prasetio30 6 years ago from malang-indonesia

      Wow.... this was so beautiful. Sorry, I am late to know this. I learn much from you, my friend. Now, I really know what women want and I'll promise to give more attention by follow your tips above. You are my inspiration, Gina. Thanks for writing this and your hub useful for us as a single guy and others who have married or in relationship. Vote up. God bless you..

      Love and peace,

    • GPAGE profile image

      GPAGE 7 years ago from California

      Mike! So glad to have you here! Thanks for your comment. I saw that you love France! I LOVE France! I'm planning on living there part-time one day! I'm happy you enjoyed this hub. Best, GPAGE

    • Mike's Corner profile image

      Mike's Corner 7 years ago from Maryland

      Great Hub, GPAGE, I love your writing style . . . lots of great advice here, I'll try to remember it all on Monday when I'm looking for my Valentine :)

    • GPAGE profile image

      GPAGE 7 years ago from California

      LB! Thanx for the love girlie! Yes, things are always better when they are "less complicated!" Love, Trust and respect sound good to me! Gx

    • GPAGE profile image

      GPAGE 7 years ago from California

      RICHIE have been up all night again LOVEY thinking of your Lizzzzzzzzzy......Miss you darling! Thanx for the biro! I will hold it close to my.....Now if you did a little less "burping," you would have been able to say more!!! ha ...

      Love from your dizzzzzzzy Lizzzzzzzzzzy!!!! xxx

    • LilianEden profile image

      LilianEden 7 years ago

      Great hub G! Truly fascinating isn't it? IT's so simple, trust and respect. We women really don't complicate things as most men think we do...Trust and respect in any relationship is key- especially a close loving relationship. Love your writing G!

    • profile image

      Richard 7 years ago

      Liz baby....... I got a love gift for ya - it's full of ink!!! It's free and it's all yours...hic, oh god... I been at the bottle again... burp.... 'scuse me... you know how hard it is to juggle women when you are this drunk? I can't even lift women up never mind get a juggle going? HAVE YOU EVER BEEN JUGGLED...? SOUNDS LIKE YOU ARE TALKING FORM EXPERIENCE - THAT'S WORRYING...c'MERE YOU... HIC... Yours as always - Rich xxx

    • GPAGE profile image

      GPAGE 7 years ago from California

      Michael...I'm so glad you commented here! Thank you so much for your kind words.

      I wasn't sure what kind of comments to expect here! ha

      I'm so glad you enjoy my writing and thank you for saying so! Best, G

    • Michael Ray King profile image

      Michael Ray King 7 years ago from Palm Coast, Florida

      Nice, timely Hub! You are so right. There is no substitute for trust and respect. Without those two components, love isn't going to take you very far. I love your style of writing. Your 'writer's voice' is very pleasant and inviting. Reading your Hubs are always a delight!