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Updated on October 25, 2011

In many cases a letter from an Attorney or Lawyer may settle or resolve your legal issue or dispute if the letter is well written and covers the area or areas of Law that the issue involves. For instance rather than running out and paying huge retainer fees and most start at thousands of dollars to collect some money that is owed to you why not have a Lawyer send a Demand Letter on his/her Legal Stationary. The impact is what you are after and this will appear that you went out and retained a Lawyer and by implication are prepared to sue to get the money that is owed to you. The effect is one of intimidation and often it will result in the payment of the money that is due or at least the beginning of negotiations. Now you can go out and pay a retainer to a lawyer which will cost perhaps thousands of dollars or more or you can seek out a lawyer who will just prepare a letter as we do and send it at 125 dollars sent certified mail return receipt requested.

The reason for it being sent certified mail return receipt requested is the impact it has on people. It shows them that this is a serious matter and you are taking seriously and so is your Attorney. You do not have to retain a Lawyer to secure such a Letter. There are Lawyers who will agree to prepare one for you but you may end up spending a lot more than 125 dollars if you have to set up an appointment and go to their office to see them. You are taking up a lot of their time in your story to them and you will end up paying for this as well. You can try to find someone who will listen to your situation over the phone or have you email it to them and then prepare a letter for you for a lot less money. The Choice is obviously yours!

The letters can address just about any legal issue or problem. Another example would be a Landlord/Tenant Dispute such as the return of your security deposit if you are the tenant or if you are the landlord it could be the demand for payment of rent. Another example would be such things as Cease and Desist Letters to have someone Cease Harassment or placing things on the internet about you or to get a Neighbor to keep the Music down. Then you have all of the Contractual Issues such as damages for Breach of Contract and a Demand Letter for those damages and for Fraud. Literally the entire area of Torts and Contract Law is ripe with the opportunity for a Letter from an Attorney or Lawyer to work for you instead of running out and filing a Law Suit right away. You can have letters drafted to demand payment for your Injuries in an Auto Accident but in most cases a Lawyer may see that it is a very good case with good liability and the other side may have the ability to pay or Insurance and want to be retained in order to see that the damages are properly developed and documented to maximize recovery. In those types of cases you can usually get negotiate with the Lawyer to take the case on a Contingency.

The bottom line here is that if you can find a lawyer to read you emails or listen to a short story on the phone then you may just pay to have a letter drafted and if the letter works then you save a lot of money. If the Lawyer Letter does not work well you have not spent that much money that you could not go out and still retain someone. You need to have a Letter Drafted by someone with years of experience for maximum effect. The other side may decide to look your Lawyer up and you want someone who looks very qualified.


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