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Updated on January 12, 2010

I feel your warm breath upon my pale cheeks,

It leaves me breathless, too breathless to speak.

We've shared a great love within our hearts,

We've had dreams together, right from the start

I am your woman, you bring much joy to my life

With many surprises and gifts that are so nice

You bring with you every day, for me

Your undying love that you give unconditionally .

With my head on your chest I feel the beat of your heart

My heart starts beating along with yours too.

When my heart feels troubled , torn and lost,

It's you who I turn to to help me get through.

O stop and hear my beating heart my dear,

And you will hear these three words so clear.

These three words I say each day to you,

You know these words well, "I Love You"

Oh come join me through my journey of life,

Tightly holding hands and hugging each other every day.

You show deep down how much you care for me,

When you stroke my hair in your special way.

Wipe the tears from my eyes that appear now and then,

Tears that come from your love for me,as well as tears of pain.

You have helped me make my dreams come true.

My body comes alive, when I am lying next to you.

When I go to bed at night I know that you'll be there,

Because you are my husband and my life with you I share,

I will always love you for the kindness you give always


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Hi Shades

      I am glad you like this poem because it is a tribute to my marriage of twenty years this March. I wanted to write something special, I think I got what I was aiming for.

      Thanks BB

    • ShadestoShoes profile image


      8 years ago

      Beautiful poem and i have to politely disagree with lovebuglena ...about the line after 'Your undying love that you give unconditionally to me'

      ..I think the line after is very passionate and should stay in the poem. This poem isn't just about an endless love but appreciating that love. With Every breath, every heart beat and tear. You covered it all in this poem and it is very well written! ty for sharing it Beauty Babe - Cheers!

    • bbpaula888 profile image


      9 years ago

      You have such a special relationship with your husband and your poem illustrates it beautifully. I hope many of us someday find the kind of love you and your husband have.

    • lovebuglena profile image

      Lena Kovadlo 

      9 years ago from Staten Island, NY

      You have written a very beautiful and touching poem here. I really enjoyed it.

      I notice that you have stanzas divided by **** so not sure if it's one poem or a few short ones. Which is it?

      I do have a suggestion for you:

      In the following line: 'Your undying love that you give unconditionally to me' I would get rid of the phrase that comes after unconditionally as doing so improves the flow.

      Don't have anymore suggestions at the moment.

      Great piece of writing. Thanks for sharing.


    • blondepoet profile image


      9 years ago from australia

      Wow we have heaps in common yes I started singing early to. I have sung a fair bit on stage. That's when I really shine :)

    • chrismarva profile image


      9 years ago

      I believe that if you truly love someone there is no way to turn it off. I think your poem as well as you love is great.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Nice strawberry sentiments and congrats on the 20 years BB.x CC

    • myownworld profile image


      9 years ago from uk

      a wonderful poem....simple and moving at the same time. Gives one hope of true love after all... thank you for sharing!

    • 2uesday profile image


      9 years ago

      Beautybabe - so pleased you have found this endless love and have the ability to write about it so well. Regards.

    • ceegeeess profile image


      9 years ago from visakhapatnam, A.P.,India

      Your undying love that you give unconditionally to me"This line is golden and stands by truelove! The poem is very simple and natural about the marital relation.There is much ease in expression.Thank you BB.

    • BEAUTYBABE profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from QUEENSLAND AUSTRALIA.

      Thank you Keira, you always say the nicest things. You are so kind and I hope you have a Very Happy New Year as well and everything in 2010 is what you wanted. BB

      Thank you also to Pastor Andrew, this is to be a tribute to anyone celebrating an anniversary of something like that. I did this to celebrate 20 years this year since Richard and I married. BB

    • PastorAndrew profile image

      Andrew Grosjean 

      9 years ago from Detroit

      Our society does not understand that the most romantic love can only happen between a Husband and Wife. Thanks

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Very beautiful my dear friend. Love its so important. I am so glad for you to know that you are not alone. I am also Bless with a wonderful husband.:) Thanks God for that. You are a brilliant writer. I wish you a lot of good for 2010. Specially for you to get well. Have a Very Happy New Year my dear BeautyBabe. God Bless you and all your family.:D


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