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Updated on March 31, 2012
Wormhole/Portal UFOs
Wormhole/Portal UFOs | Source

by Christine B.

These photographs are actually UFOs that have been captured over Russia, England, Mexico and other parts of the world. The objects are circular with a dark center and a rainbow oscillating edge. They have been recorded with video cameras moving in the night sky, while maintaining their circular shape.

This is a link to a video that goes into greater detail about this strange phenomena: The major portion of the video was filmed by Halit Safin on January 23, 2012 in the evening sky over Kuvykina, Russia. Astronomers believe the phenomena to be a type of dimensional portal or wormhole in the Earth’s atmosphere. Could this be how alien spacecraft are able to travel to our planet from far-off areas of the Universe? Could these portals be “Star Gates” to other parts of the Universe? It’s entirely possible.

This is another video link that shows more of these unusual phenomena.

These are called Spiral UFOs. [See photo below.] They too have been reported from several locations all over the world and have been seen by thousands of people. As far as anyone knows, we do not have the technology to currently create a wormhole that can be controlled; however, a far more advanced civilization from another point in the vast Universe might have these abilities.

Another theory could be that these portals are doorways through to a different dimension or time. Many physics now support the existence of parallel dimensions and wormholes – what they refer to as “strings.” No one has been brave enough to approach these phenomena with an Earth/Human created aircraft. Until that happens, no one will know for sure what they are.



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