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Wrongful Death, poem written to the sound of Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings

Updated on October 23, 2012
Bell of the church St Antoine sur Murat, France
Bell of the church St Antoine sur Murat, France | Source


Peal you bells ! Resonate you carillons !

And let the whole world know :

Her and I are no longer one.

The compass shows South, our story comes to an end

For Love has died, and a long mourning has begun.

Macabre wail to my ears, slowly the bell tolls

But the clocks have been stopped, for time doesn't matter

Anymore, and will not again for a long while.

Love couldn't die alone, so it took hope along,

Collateral damage, while bringing forth anger.

Anger feels good right now, because it numbs the pain

Which oozes from every tiny pore of the skin,

Because you see, there was a whole lot of love,

That has to come out, one molecule at a time.

Whenever Love dies, don't you just feel you do too ?

No matter how painful the loss, we recover

Or so we like to think, it makes us feel better.

Love was born a sapling and wasn't meant to die.

It was supposed to bloom, grow stronger by the day,

Year after another, maybe shade our old days !

Self proclaimed good people and man made conventions

Didn't see it that way, and Love became unwell,

To the extent where someone had to pull the plug.

A promising healthy tree doesn't die easily,

So this beautiful one had to be euthanized,

So, hammer happy carpenter, nail one more to the coffin,

And you, Judas the priest mumble more hypocrisy,

For this Love's blood may very well be on your hands.

But I will cherish the memories, dream sometimes

That she's still by my side. And the pain will subside

Days will dry up my eyes, weeks will see me smile again.

Months will heal my angry heart so it can love anew.

How many years are left, enough for a new love ?

I would like to think so ! So, you, Judas the priest

Make that damn bell ring and let the whole world know...

Florida, July 31st 2012

Copyright 2012 by Austinhealy, his heirs and assigns


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