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Updated on June 9, 2011

I love you. Not like in love, in love, but i do i feel that vibe

What you got for me such a beautiful feeling,

Though much more to be you see babe,

If you were around my world would cement your ground

My heart, already weak would skip beats, jump seats, and even my stomach would skip a few eats...

You see what i feel for you now isn't even half of what i could

Rather would if you were here,

Lying down less far, more near, babe.

My feelings beg for you healing

Both my physical as well as my mental way beyond a crush damn babe what i rush how could i make a fuss?

I don't, i can’t because boo you’ve revived me

My mind is intertwine and in line with your poetic divine.

Being fine as wine and with the thought of you being mine how could i resign?

The only thing stopping us is time.

Who knows boo maybe were not meant to be but better yet maybe we are

Couldn’t bring my mind down as close as that thought brings me to the stars....

But babe until then let’s take it by the day

Cause the days end says a lot about tomorrow and my day looks brighter already

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