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WWE Legend Bret "Hitman" Hart Wants Kids to Stay Off His Lawn

Updated on June 12, 2016

Former WWE Heavyweight champion Bret Hart is lashing out at the local community. The grey haired hitman claims the kids from a nearby elementary school is making a mockery of his legacy and trampling all his hard work.

"Back in my day kids didn't walk on other peoples grass. My father Stu, my family, we took pride in their own grass. We tended to their grass 365 days a year, twice on Sunday. We barely got to spend time with our families because we were working so hard trying to get the grass perfect. And you know what, I am proud to say that I never hurt anybody while I was tending to my grass."

The Calgary born superstar, who made his name in World Wrestling Entertainment during the 80s and 90s, has been calling on parents and community law enforcement to protect his property. Local officers have been focusing their efforts on educating children about the dangers of stepping on the Hart's lawn.

"My father Stu, he taught me the value of having a good yard. He never told me he was proud of me. But that was Stu. He would just look at you and grumble, maybe take a rake and find some leaves in a far off spot. He was really stretching to find something wrong with my grass but he never really could. I take pride in that."

Bret continued his rant, comparing how the older generation took care of their lawn, as opposed to his younger neighbors.

"Kids these days have no respect for their yards. They go out for ten minutes, throw all kinds of things on the lawn. None of it makes any sense. Just one thing after another after another. Never any time to let things sink in. That is why the lawn care industry is in that state that it is. Nobody cares. It's full of selfish young punks who don't want to learn the right way.Up until a few years ago I think many people still went out for a few beers after landscaping. Not anymore. They go back to their rooms and play video games. My father Stu would be rolling over in his grave."

However, Bret Hart's neighbors have pleaded with the Hitman to go easy on the children. But Bret isn't relenting, going as far as to hint at a potential conspiracy against him.

"All the others, my brothers and sisters, they were always jealous that my grass was the greenest. Everybody always commented on how great my grass looked and I really think it made them envious. Bruce especially. I wouldn't be surprised if my brothers and sisters were paying these kids to screw me. To screw up my lawn."

According to neighbors, Bret sits on his porch everyday waiting for any sign of malfeasance. With his eyes hidden behind a pair of his shades, Bret keeps a scornful eye on his property line. As kids pass by the yard, he occasionally rises from his seat to see if they're getting too close.

"My father Stu, he taught me to always be professional. I've never hurt anybody with a sharpshooter. Not like Goldberg, who gave me a kick to the head and ended my career. I am not looking to hurt these kids. But they need to stay the hell off my lawn."


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    • suraj punjabi profile image

      suraj punjabi 22 months ago from jakarta

      Is this serious? If it is then wow, Hart really needs to get a life. I guess all those choke slams he received really got to him. Poor guy.