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WWE Legend The Undertaker Feared Alive and Well

Updated on June 3, 2016

The Undertaker in 1991

Wrestling fans around the world woke up Friday morning to breaking news that WWE Legend, The Undertaker, is rumoured to be alive and well. The story broke shortly after 11 EST, when TMZ published a short clip on it's website.

The 23 second clip shows the former Heavyweight Champion partaking in a DDP Yoga instruction at a local park. In the video, 'Taker can be seen doing the 'Catcher into the Thunderbolt', alongside his wife Michelle McCool. The maneuver requires strength, conditioning, and tremendous agility.

Since The Undertaker's debut in 1990 at the Survivor Series, the "Deadman" has struck fear into the hearts of his opponents. Despite alternating between good guy and bad guy throughout the years, one thing has remained. The Undertaker has always been dead. But today, that seems anything but true.

TMZ, the leading provider of honest reporting, contacted a West Texas State primary care physician, who examined the 23 second clip. The doctor all but confirmed what fans had been dreading.

"Based on his moderate sweating, his rosy red cheeks and blissful but enduring breathing pattern, I conclude that The Undertaker is in very good physical health."

No word yet on his mental health, but fans worldwide are holding their breathe that he's, at the very least, still as sick in the head as ever. The Undertaker once killed his younger brother Kane in a house fire when they were little. This caused many years of distress for The Undertaker. In 1998, Kane came back from the dead and set out on a mission to get revenge. Despite reuniting with Kane, and ultimately forgiven for killing his younger brothers death, fans hope he is still traumatized by nightmares.

Meanwhile, The Undertaker's biological brother Kane, released a statement to the press and fans. It read in part:

"Fear not wrestling fans. My brother is as sick and disgusting as ever."


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