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Wade Boss Hybrid Hunter: A Review

Updated on March 16, 2013
The cover of Wade Boss Hybrid hunter. Fun book, great hero!
The cover of Wade Boss Hybrid hunter. Fun book, great hero! | Source

Why I Was Wrong About This Book

I was really dubious about this book. There was something about the character’s name, Wade Boss, which seemed corny. When I found that the book was intended as teen fiction, I groaned. I have a young teen, who is, sadly, very cynical. I couldn’t even begin to imagine her reading this book. I was also worried about the fact that it had come from Createspace.

On all counts, I was utterly, totally and completely wrong. And I can prove it.

When I gave the book to my cynical sixteen year old and asked her just to read the first chapter and give me an opinion, she went on to read the rest. Her comment?

‘It’s nice to read about a hero who’s good’

In case you’re thinking ‘isn’t that the point of a hero’ the answer’s no. So many books these days, especially for teens, are either ‘gritty and realistic’ (their words, not mine) or escapist supernatural romance. The heroes are either romantic icons that couldn’t possibly exist, or men with a problem - they’re battling addiction, recovering from a failed marriage, coming to terms with the death of a loved one or going through a divorce. Think about it. Yes, that even covers Harry Potter!

Why You'll Enjoy This Book

Enter Wade Boss. He’s a nice guy. Really. He is. He has standards and principles. He likes animals and doesn’t want to kill them. He likes his girlfriend and doesn’t want to cheat on her, he even gets on with his parents. He’s an adult male and he doesn’t have sex with everything that moves. I noticed all this as I read the book, but my daughter actually made the list, so if you’re wondering whether all this comes through to the target audience, I can tell you, it does.

Wade Boss Hybrid Hunter is a great action adventure story about a nice guy who always tries to do what he thinks is right. As a result, the world doesn’t always go his way, and at one point it seems he's going to lose everything, but in true heroic fashion he doesn’t let that stop him. He does the job as best he can, and his best is pretty good!

In genre terms, the story is action/adventure. The action sequences are exciting, but it’s not overly violent or gory and Wade's weapon, when fighting the hybrids, is interesting and well described. When I saw the cover I wondered whether a hero in cowboy hat and boots was just too old fashioned, but again I was wrong.

The book ends in a way which seems to promise more adventures for Wade Boss, when hopefully we’ll find out more about the hybrids, here they’ve come from, and whether Wade finally manages to save the world, get the girl and keep the change.

Speaking for myself (and my daughter) the next book can’t come too soon.


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