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Wake Up Guys, We Have Slept Too Long

Updated on January 1, 2011


This was a first travelling with family of my husband. We were five persons. His parents, his elder brother, and us, were travelling from Germany to Indonesia via Singapore.

After a long flight of 4-5 hours from Munich to Istanbul, waiting 3 hours for connecting flight in Istanbul, and another 11 hours from Istanbul to Singapore, we were extremely exhausted.

Flight was fine although we slept like animals on stall. You know, I am talking about the position here, sleeping while seating, head falling on left or right or to window, dont know where to put this head. Apart from the normal event where you have seat belt on for your safety, blanket on it, you have headphone and your tablet is full. Now you only need to move your arms to eat, but you cannot do anything else. And then your neigbour needed to pass. Apart from that, all was fine.

Anyway, just wanted to say after the flight, we were tired. We took a minibus due to our luggages, each has one suitcase and one big backpacks. Multiply it by 5, you have five suitcases and five backpacks.

After what felt like eternity, we arrived in a hotel in Singapore in Balestier area. It was a busy road. All we wanted was just to take a sleep. Check in done. Paid done. Cards taken, yeah we marched forward to our rooms. Clicked, door opened. Whola..We had rooms without windows. I knew it and thought it will be fine for two nights. We splitted ourselves into two rooms. Me and my partner into one and the other three into another one.

'Oh there is no shower here!!' I can hear my mother in law shouted as I was still putting stuff in our room. Immediately I ran accross and checked as well. And well, hehe, I had to say, you do have a shower.


'Right here' I pointed on the shower that was hang on the wall without any shower glass.

She didnt know and didnt expect that in Singapore it is common to have wet bathroom, namely you just shower and everything will be wet. There is no separate glass wall for shower.

Oh hehe, problem solved for now. At least she is now glad that there is a shower. And we can proceed to sleep.

It was around 9 p.m as we said good night and went to bed.Oh it is going to be a long sleep.

As I woke up, I read 2:30 on my watch. Oh damn. I turned on the light and woke up my husband.
Do you know how late it is now? We have slept so long it is 2:30 afternoon! Get up.

I travelled many times also such a distance and normally a twelve-to-fourteen-hour sleep is enough for me. However my last long-distance-flights were back two years ago. Am I getting so much older I need more to recover now?

He checked his watch, grumbled and woke up.Quitely went to bathroom.

'Do you think anybody else is already awake before us and didnt want to disturb our sleep?'


'I'll knock their door and check'

Knock. Knock. A minute later, my mother in law showed up in her pijamas, opening the door, giving me a background of two men still sleeping in bed with dreaming look. I said, sorry to wake you up, do you know how late it is now, we have 2:30p.m we have slept so long.

'OHhhh, really? She checked her watch. 'Indeed already so late, we are crazy! Give us 10 minutes, we will be ready to go out'

Somehow I got a lot of adrenalin and was very excited to show them Singapore! I changed my clothes, ready with summer clothes, t-shirt, hotpant, sun hat, and a backpack with map, water and alll what I could need. Hm... I think I will go to the receptionist and check the bus schedule to the city central, I told my husband. Still tired, I happily marched to the lobby and there you go I saw something strange.

The lobby has a transparent glass wall where you can see outside. The light of the sky was a light red, or light darkpink. you know very strange to my eyes. I stood for a second and thought my eyes didnt work properly. I closed my eyes and opened them again. Still look the same. What kind of weather is this. This is impossible. I looked outside and it was somewhat cloudy too. Some people stood outside and watched me back strangely too. I grumbled, oh can it be that we got a strange weather, did something unusual happen?

I decided to approach the receptionist. I found a guy sitting on his chair, with half-opened eyes. He looked very sleepy. But he was awake. I had to ask him, so I asked him.

'Do you know what time it is'?


'What time is it now??'

'Oh time, he looked at his monitor, and annoyed he replied 'It is 2:30 A.M!!!'

'oooo shoot!' embarrased I said thanks and I immediately turned back and ran to my room and hope he wont be there in the next morning when I check about bus.

My husband asked so did you find out when busses go?

I had to laugh out loud to tell him, I am sorry, you can go back to sleep again.It is 2.30a.m.
We bursted in laugh for like five minutes. and then we remembered that we would have to tell the others too. As I got to their room they were nearly ready .. halfway. Laughing I said you may go back to sleep again. Apologize the inconvenience but it is not 2:30 p.m, it is 2:30a.m.

'Damn no-window room!' shouted my brother in law. We slept again and the next day I made sure it was bright noon before I woke up the others.


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    • bekaze profile image

      bekaze 7 years ago from Germany

      rose56, thanks for reading and stopping by. :) it happened only once thankfully and glad that we didnt indeed sleep over 16hours and still feel young, hehe.

    • rose56 profile image

      rose56 7 years ago

      I really liked this hub thank you for sharing.