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Walk the Cross Became "Walking the Cross, Jesus Said Carry Your Cross so the Ministry Name Is Now "Crosscarry America"

Updated on February 11, 2022
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BIO Added 2022: Its been nearly 14 years and 30 states later. Carry my cross for Jesus to stimulate coversation and thought about Him. Peac

Walk the Cross Texas

The Cross represents the Place where Death was conquered and Life began.

Death was conquered by Our Lord Jesus as he exhaled His last breath. He was buried for 3 days and nights in a tomb of a rich man. He was raised by the Power of the Holy Spirit on the third day. He appeared to more than 500 of his disciples before He ascended in a glorified body to heaven. He is now enthroned with His Father pleading for us.

When we look at the cross we are reminded that Jesus died for our sins. He paid the penalty. If we believe He did the finished work by pouring out His blood unto death, yet being raised to life and confess with our mouth that Jesus is Lord we will be saved. The cross is not an image to be worshipped, it is a reminder to the believer and an offense to the unbeliever until God calls them to believe.

When we do not realize that the only way to the Father is through Jesus our Lord, then we make an idol of ourselves through false self preservation. If we believe we are good enough to get to heaven on our own merit, we will die in our sin. Only the Son was undeserving of death and by His stripes we are healed. He was crushed for our iniquitiies and pierced for our transgressions.

My Lord called me to Walk the Cross in the middle of May of 2008. I had just returned from a Revival in Corpus Christi called the "Festival of the Harvest"

The First public walking of this Cross was in Cole Park in Corpus Christi on May 1st, 2008. It was also walked publicly down the parade route of Bucaneer Days before the Parade began during the afternoon of Sat. May 3rd, 2008. where thousands of people had gathered in expectation of the parade. Many people had even camped out on the Parade Route in order to get a good location. The cross was put upright at the Cole Park amphitheatre during the days and nightly revivals through May 5th. Prayer cards were attached to the Cross during the revival, prayed for and taken down each day. During the course of the Revival week hundreds came through the Revival area and many stopped to listen to the catchy contemporary Christian music that was played. They also heard the warnings and appeal given out to the leaders and gatekeepers of the city to repent of their sins. The widows and poor had been stripped of their inheritances and land and if the leaders did not repent then God would bring disaster on the city that bears His name. Jeremiah 23:28b was spoken faithfully to those who would listen. To those who would not listen, they would be made to drink the judgements of God.

Our prayer and exhortation was for the repentance of those who had sinned against our Lord Jesus. Would they repent like the Ninevites and be preserved from harsh judgement. They need to make recompense to their victims for their greedy manipulative behavior. They also must make accomodation for the alien people in their midst. They must return to Serving God by doing good and be public servants for the people of Corpus. Only then would God's wrath be subsided.

The Cross was then walked publicly in Houston Texas on May 20th of 2008 on Westheimer Street starting near Voss and toward the east for 4 blocks and then back to Voss Street. It has been walked twice a week since then mostly on various parts of Westheimer which is an 8 lane road in most places west of the 4000 block. The Cross has also been walked in Galveston and Spring Tx.

It has been walked from I-10 east through downtown Houston on Main street to Elgin and as of 8-26-2008 will be (God willing ) walked through Montrose on Westheimer up to the 4000 block of Westheimer. That will complete the (patibulam) of East to West across Houston. The next walkings will be from South to North Houston (the stipe) of an imaginary cross drawn through Houston. It will probably take about 1 week of 7 hr a day walking to complete the stipe of Houston.

Corpus Christi and surrounding areas are the next Walk A Cross Corpus event. May the Lord reach thousands of souls with Repentance and Revival.

If you are in Corpus anytime between August 30th and September 21st of 2008 please join us on one of these walks or Revivals.

Go to for more contact info.

If I be lifted up, I will draw all sorts of men to me- Jesus

Walking the Cross Schlitterbaun Galveston
Walking the Cross Schlitterbaun Galveston
Walk the Cross Forum Plaza with Living Word Ministries
Walk the Cross Forum Plaza with Living Word Ministries

Walk the Cross Schlitterbaun Galveston

WTC Galveston Schlitterbaun 7-8-08
WTC Galveston Schlitterbaun 7-8-08

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