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Walk the World in a Different Way

Updated on December 27, 2012


A majority of the population is under the misconception that if they forgive someone who has angered or hurt them, that they are being weak or submissive to that person. Our ego gets in the way of logical thinking and we end up holding an unnecessary grudge. A grudge by the way that disrupts our mind of tranquility and a healthy caring relationship with our self. If this person happens to be a relative, friend or co-worker, you would be doing yourself a big favor to forgive this person. There are some people that we cannot make disappear. Every time for whatever reason they cross your path, you will carry this burden in your mind and you shouldn't force yourself to carry such emotional baggage. When you forgive someone, you are taking yourself into consideration first and foremost to be free of all those undesired feelings.No one can possibly have your back better than YOU. Reconnect with someone now ! Don't be full of regret at their funeral, especially someone you know you love deep down inside.Our time in this world is so limited, we should live it in as much contentment as possible.

Mark Twain wrote, "Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds under the heal that has crushed it." When you get it, you do realize that you are giving yourself a tremendous gift by forgiving someone else. It is the only way to truly be free and clear of the hurt and anger they caused you.


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