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Walk with a Club Not a Stick

Updated on March 24, 2017

Example 1

When you start to walk out the door remember your hat, keys, sunglasses, and earrings. It's imperative that you fortell the future of important events according to history, because it's bound to rain and bound to be windy, especially if you wear that flowy and paisley skirt you love again. Well ladies and gentlemen, let's just forbid it. It's in times of trouble that the weather is unfriendly and that the skies are no longer clear. Today, the weather is not my dear friend as it was yesterday.

Example 2

If only you knew, before the announcement was made that the clouds would form and the rain would penetrate the grounds of green grass turning it into muddy waters. But then again, Miamians, just wouldn't be the same. In the event of rain don't grab a poncho. Heavens no! That would be intolerable and only Disney, Walt, would permit it. Fashionably, you will need a small reminder to bring an unbrealla of any color as long as it fits neatly in your handbag. Thank you, grandmother for the recommendation!

Clear Skies
Clear Skies

Example 3

Well finally, the sun is out and you've yet to bathe, because it's all the same.You're going to sweat and sweat some more as the days turns into evening and the gallons of water keep you hydrated.Watch out, because the next day It becomes humid beyond yesterday and heat is overactivated against the concrete road and gravel floors. There is no decision to be made. You grab a fan and walk without that leather skin dress you love to wear. To have the oven on would be just a tragedy and an unrealistic expectation for your friends to expect baked goods. The idea to go to the beach and use towels on the dry and hot sand would be most suitable, but you're just not a tourist; you'd rather be home. So forget it and just hit "on" for the air conditioner to do it's job and save yourself as a typical Miami weathered day would have.

Doubtful Weather Claims
Doubtful Weather Claims

Miami Weather Claims


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