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Walking Dead: Does Glenn Die?

Updated on June 18, 2013

Glenn Rhee in the TV version of The Walking Dead

So Who is Glenn

As one of the longest-running characters in the epic graphic novel series The Walking dead, Glenn Rhee is much loved by fans of the novels. Dynamic and brave, never shirking the chance to risk his neck for the benefit of his group, Glenn is widely admired by his colleagues and friends as much as by the reading public. He was part of the original group of survivors from Atlanta to which Rick Grimes and his family became attached at an early stage. Glenn was in fact the first of the group encountered by Rick; Glenn saved Rick’s life when he was pinned down by walkers in Atlanta and risked his own life to lead Rick to safety. Since that point Glenn has become a central part of both the TV series of The Walking Dead and the series of graphic novels on which it is based, with his role developing and growing as the two series progressed. His romance with Maggie Greene and the fact that he has survived while other long-standing members of the group perished has helped to ensure Glenn’s central place both within the story and within the affections of its readers and viewers.

Glenn’s Background

What little we do know about Glenn and his history before the zombie rising is interesting and quite illuminating of his character. He was a pizza delivery by who, massively encumbered by debt, fell out with his parents and turned to crime to make ends meets. Glenn’s knack for hotwiring cars has come in handy for his group on more than one occasion, and his honest admission that the rising of the Walkers actually in some ways improved his situation in life added a fascinating insight to the situation for readers and characters alike.


The events that took place when Glenn first met and saved Rick in Atlanta set the tone for his characteristic bravery throughout the narrative. Despite being relatively young, diminutive, shy and self effacing, Glenn has never shirked from what he sees as his responsibility and has on many occasions risked his life to help the group or to save others. This has taken place in Atlanta, at the farm, on the road, in Woodbury and in the prison camp, and is yet one further way in which Glenn has endeared himself to the reader. Glenn’s fearlessness, combined with his ingenuity, also makes him an extremely effective scavenger, as witness his retrieval of a bag of guns for the group in the 4th issue of the comic.


While the group is living within the prison, Glenn Rhee was captured by the Woodbury community. While he was held prisoner he was savagely beaten. In the TV series of the Walking Dead narrative Maggie was also captured and Glenn was forced to fear for her as much as for his own safety, which in the graphic novel version of the Walking Dead he was forced to listen to Michonne get attacked in the next room. In both timelines the experience left Glenn changed, damaged and significantly altered.

Does Glenn Die?

In the TV version of The Walking Dead, Glenn is currently alive and well. However, much to the dismay of his fans, Glenn was killed off in the 100th edition of the graphic novel. Glenn was killed by a rival group of survivors known as the Saviors, who have not yet appeared in the TV version of the narrative.


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