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Walking Shoes... Final chapter

Updated on August 14, 2011

The attic walls began to shake. Caroline's father wrapped his arms around both girls and moved them to the sealed attic door. He pulled on the cord as hard as he could. The door would not budge.

"It isn't going to open, Sir. The only way to open it now is if Ms. Lance opens it."

"Why did she seal it and where did her and Eliza go?!?"

"They went back to the day we were killed. I think Ms. Lance is going to try and help Lizzy."

"How is she going to do that, Joshua? I don't understand any of this!"

"I don't know, Caroline. There are a lot of things that we have never understood since we died. I just want to go to where my mom and dad are."

A whirlwind of dust circled the center of the Attic. It made it's way to the loft, sweeping the floor clean as it moved. The dust quickly disappeared in to the loft. There was a loud noise, like the thunder of a train, coming from inside. The walls exploded, spewing wood and splinters all across the attic. One of the slivers of wood pierced Sandi's arm. she cried out as Caroline's father pulled it from her skin. The blood ran from the wound as covered it with her hand.

"I am going to bleed to death!" She cried and pressed harder on her arm. The blood flow slowed. "What else could happen?!?!?"

As if to answer her, the whirl wind skirted across the floor towards where they were standing. The storm worsened outside, breaking tree branches off and tearing at the roof of the old house. Rain water poured in though every opening in the attic and the roof. Eliza appeared for a moment. They could all see she was wearing her new shoes.

"Joshua, we need you!!!! Take my hand please. Hurry, there isn't much time!"

Joshua did not hesitate. He grabbed Eliza's hand and in an instant they both disappeared. As they did, Caroline felt a pull at her body. She could see the face of an ugly old man. He looked mean and mad. He tugged at her body. She screamed as her father took hold of her hand.

"I don't know what is happening but I am not letting you have my daughter! I know who you are! You are not going to hurt us!" He reached out and grabbed the man. He did not take the time to ponder how he could grab a ghost. None of that mattered to him. He fought with the old man, pushing him towards the open window.


The man sliced the knife through the air. Ms. Lance moved to quick for him. She scratched at his face, ripping it open again. He felt Eliza moving under him. He pressed his body down on her tiny form. Joshua took hold of Eliza's feet and held on tight.

"Where did you come from, you little brat? Damn, don't you people know how to stay dead?!?!?!

"Don't let my shoes come off, Joshua. Please hold them tight!"

"I will Lizzy, I promise you. I will not let them go!"

Eliza stabbed at his face where the blood flowed. She continued to claw at him. The man got angrier with each scratch. Ms.Lance saw him trying to find a way to violate Eliza. She rushed in and pushed him off of her. Eliza jumped up and ran. She ran as fast as she could... but he was faster. Knocking her down once more, He reached down at his pants, trying to tug them off.

"Remember Eliza, it will only be a moment. I will Not let him touch your body anymore!"

Eliza looked at Ms. Lance and a soft smile appeared. Eliza nodded and smiled back. She brought her knee's up hard. The old man cried out in pain. He screamed and lifted the knife high in the air.


Caroline's father was relentless. He held tightly to the old man. He pushed him closer to the window. The entire attic lit up from the lightening. "This is where all of it ends" screamed out her father. He shoved the old man half out of the window. "If God is watching, he will understand. You are never going to hurt anyone again!!!!

The lightening lit the sky again. A bolt of lightening came straight down to the roof. Caroline's father pushed the old man once more, shoving his body on to the roof.


"Then have it your way, witch!" The old man turned to Eliza. The knife came down quickly. The knife pierced her tiny heart. In seconds, Eliza was dead, her little body no longer shaking with fear and pain. The man raised the knife once more. As his arm fully stretched upward, a blot of lightening struck the tip of the knife. He screamed out as the electricity flooded his entire body. The pain was horrible and the man screamed again and again. His heart exploded and the electricity exited his body through his feet, leaving him barefoot, his shoes lying next to him, burning.


The lightening struck the old mans form. He screamed out, over and over, as the horrible pain burned him from the inside out. His body caught fire and then, in an instant he was gone. The rain began to calm now. The dust settled to the floor. Caroline's father hugged the girls. As they stood together, Ms. Lance, Joshua and Eliza appeared in front of them.

"Why??? Why did all of this happen now? You could have done this 80 years ago."

"No, dear Caroline, we could not have. We needed you to come here first."

"Why me? What have I got to do with all of this?"

"Eighty five years ago, I was not childless. My baby girl was taken away from me by her father. I became Eliza's governess to fill in the loss. I never saw my baby girl again. She grew up far away from me and long after I died, she met and married Your great grandpa. You came here and found the walking shoes for Eliza. We needed the connection of family to make this all happen."

"Thank you, Caroline, for coming to me and giving me back my shoes."

They all looked down at Eliza's feet. The shoes were dry and looked as new as they day they had been bought.

"We will be going now. I am going to see my mom and dad now. I helped Lizzy keep her shoes so I get to go home, too."

Slowly, each one disappeared. They heard Eliza call out to them. "The house is yours now. We won't be back. Only the shoes are missing. Thank you."

As the storm passed on, sunshine came through the window. It blinded the three of them for a moment. When they could see again, the attic appeared as it had when they first moved in. Caroline went to the loft and climbed inside. She opened the little cubby. It was empty. All that was inside was etched in to the wood, "Thank you, Caroline. Eliza was here."

The attic door clicked and opened. The three of them descended the ladder and smiled at each other. The sun felt good on their faces.

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Ice Changers

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    • Dday50627 profile imageAUTHOR

      Darrel Day 

      7 years ago from Iowa

      Linda, thank you for always being so supportive. Interestingly enough, you are not the only nor the first to tell me thatn this one was "SO different" from what I normally write. Not sure still in what way it was so different. Thank you so much for reading.

      Becky, you followed me all the way and I thank you for that. I thought perhaps Caroline might be leaving also but that wasn't the way it went.I think it worked out well for them all.

      fatgrammy... you always leave me smiling here. I think for me, that the old man suffered a nasty, painful death was something that Had to happen. From there, it was just a walk in the park. ;) Thank you so much for the support I always receive here.

    • fatgrammy profile image


      7 years ago from North Carolina

      You did justice to this one I must say. Great job pulling it together the way you did. You left your audience with a smile and wipe of the brow with this one.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      This was fantastic. What a great ending. I was wondering how you could end it with everyone happy. And when the old man attacked Caroline, I was wondering if he was going to take her also.

    • profile image

      Linda H 

      7 years ago


      I loved the ending of this story. A happy ending to a story where I honestly did not know how it would end because it is so different from the others I have read.

    • Dday50627 profile imageAUTHOR

      Darrel Day 

      7 years ago from Iowa

      Thank you for the comment and for taking the time to read this. It is so very appreciated.

    • Paradise7 profile image


      7 years ago from Upstate New York

      Aw. A decently happy ending, after such a harrowing story!


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