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Walking While We Sleep

Updated on December 15, 2015

Mothers Do It Best

The last thing I remember

My head resting comfortably

I was tucked tight under the blanket

There is nothing like a good nights sleep

That's not going to happen

I hear the word four

Like I was at a golf course

Yes four again

That's what I want

Four more hours

Because four hours of sleep doesn't cut it

Not like I had a choice

They only had late doctors appointments

That won't work

The receptionist said if you are there when we first open

First come first serve

From 8:00 to 11:30 they have an open appointment

One of the doctors on duty covers

A different doctor every week

It's such a good idea

As soon as we checked in we were called

One week of not getting better

My wife now has bronchitis and they gave her new medicine

We'll see if second time around is a charm

While we were there

I thought of all the mothers who work a night job

Then get there kids off to school the next morning

They are tired and exhausted and do it

Because there is no other option

Monday through Friday

They make it happen

Their day doesn't stop there

They have to figure out the rest of the day

What's for supper tonight

Maybe errands to do

Picking up the kids

Driving them somewhere

Then when their husband comes home

Off to work

The same routine repeated thousands of times

I am also thinking of single mothers and fathers

They do a juggling act

Now my eyes heavy

Rubbing them lightly

As if it would make them all better

Families all across the country

Do what they have to

To make everything work

This is another good example

That many people don't see or realize

How parents show their unconditional love

For all children to appreciate


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