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Updated on October 22, 2014

I went to find those broken roads, where we had walked in peace.

Tears and wind blinding me, from what I would not see.

I went along those country roads, the ones where we had been.

Those twists and turns, black fences and black birds...

They were where I felt you, where we needed no words.

We were never meant to be, at least not now, I think.

Too many battles changed us, too many lines were crossed

Yet still you called to me, and I heard your grief and loss.

It was always there, pulling, feeling like a destiny.

Like you called to that darker part of me, the one I hid so carefully.

How did you see me, how could you find it, I had banished it from light.

Yet there we were, on this country road, eating up the night.

The trees could see this fantasy, were witness to our steps.

And as we walked, we were entwined with sorrow and regrets.

We would not see, could not look beyond the hills and stars...

Somehow through disillusionment, a hunger ate away.

Gave feet to all I desired of you, all that I had craved.

Now I go to visit you, but never see your face.

I look upon the wilderness, searching for that place.

Where we were free, and full of love and light,

We didn't feel the sorrow yet, or betrayal's blight.

How can I look upon it now, as joy well as wrong.

You gave so much, loved my darkness, told me I belonged.

It took those walks, where we became so true, so real, so raw.

Wind and rain and clouds and night, creating our place to fall.


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