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Wallowing In The Druthers Of Another.

Updated on April 7, 2010

Wallowing In The Druthers Of Another.


If I had

my druthers,
I would

drown these

of my dreams,
in the drench of
your kisses

draped over

my droll lips.


Longing to

be smothered

in your kisses

we'll discover

two becoming

just one lover

unlike most

or any other

i have ever known.


Till we're
drifting in

the delight
of love's

as all that is drab
lies lost in

the drumming
of our heartbeats
drawn like butter
over the

desert heat
of our driven



Alas druthers

are elusive

and I can only

express such

longings in words

that might

just make you

see the need

in me for you

and make all

of my druthers

come true.




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