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Walter The Farting Dog Books

Updated on August 29, 2013

Funny To Readers of All Ages!

Although written for young children, people of all ages can't help laughing out loud -- even howling with laughter! -- while reading the comical Walter The Farting Dog Books.

These colorful, whimsical picture books are totally hilarious, absolutely outrageous, and offer just the kind of stories that children will beg to have you read to them over and over again.

Well, as his name obviously implies, Walter is a dog. He's actually a great pet dog, rescued from the pound.

The only trouble is, Walter has a little problem -- a constant, smelly case of very bad gas!

Image Credit: Jim Trottier at under a Creative Commons Licence

All Ages Can Relate to THIS Dog!

For everyone who's ever felt misjudged or misunderstood...

In these side-splitting books, the goofy canine gets himself into all kinds of trouble because of his gas problem. People are always running away from him because of his smelly emissions!

Walter is very lovable and tries his best to hold his farts in... it's just that he almost never can manage the task! However, he seems to take it all in stride, and he has a lot of fun during his non-stop string of misadventures.

The illustrations are just a little bizarre, yet perfect for being that way. The accompanying text is simple and straightforward. It plays the perfect "straight man" to the hilarity of the stories and their pictures.

Best of all, though, are the messages being given about loving others for being just who they are and being tolerant and accepting of any shortcomings they may have (especially due to circumstances beyond their control).

Walter The Farting Dog (2001)

Kids and adults both love this one!


Walter the Farting Dog
Walter the Farting Dog

Let's face it, even if adults put on a disapproving face when their kids start talking about farts, deep down they know (as do their kids) that farts are just plain...funny...and something that tows the line between disgusting and hilarious. So Walter is the perfect character, a dog who has a gas problem.....and quite a problem it is. Just reading this book makes most adults and kids break into giggles and it is just plain fun to read - again and again. ~ K. Corn


VIDEO: Discover How Walter Wins the Love and Respect of His Family!

This is a great rendition of the first book in the series being read aloud and showing vivid pictures right from the actual book!

You'll never tire of the theme of family togetherness pervading the stories and pictures. Walter is not perfect, but neither is the family; as long as they love each other, it doesn't matter.

Walter the Farting Dog: Trouble At the Yard Sale (2004)

My son loved it...


Walter the Farting Dog Farts Again
Walter the Farting Dog Farts Again

My son loves Walter. He is a typical boy and body noises and it just makes him laugh. He isn't a kid that likes to read, but with the Walter books he is willing sit down and read to me and actually enjoys it. I would recommend Walter the Farting Dog books to anyone who likes a silly book that will make you and your children laugh. I am thankful for William Kotzwinkly to make this book geared towards boys and their silliness towards body noises. Because of you and this book series, by son is getting better at reading and is actually enjoying doing so.

~ B. Myers


Anyone who owns a dog will immediately recognize the sad, sheepish look on Walter's face that says, Yes, I just farted and I love you.

Rough Weather Ahead for Walter the Farting Dog (2005)

The best of the three Walter books...


Rough Weather Ahead for Walter the Farting Dog
Rough Weather Ahead for Walter the Farting Dog

I love this book! The illustrations take a little getting used to (definitely off-beat, like the other two), and the storyline is slightly subversive, but the whole book is just very funny (for me, as an adult), and my kids love it, too. It's the one book that I will cheerfully read them twice in the same night. Farts aside, it's actually pretty wholesome and carries (I think) a positive message about being authentic and true to yourself. Plus, it has larger than usual words for a book targeted at this age group, which I think is useful. All in all, well worth the [money] you pay for it. I've bought copies for some other parents as gifts...(Nobody's complained...)

~ Squeaky'sMom


Walter's stoic acceptance of his fate makes the situation even funnier, and his comic timing is impeccable.

Walter the Farting Dog Goes On A Cruise (2006)

"Already Our Favorite"


Walter the Farting Dog Goes on a Cruise
Walter the Farting Dog Goes on a Cruise

We just got this and already it is our favorite of the Walter series. My kids are actually too old for this level of book, but they love them anyway so we keep buying picture books whenever we can. I hope they never outgrow them. This is a clever series and there seems to be no end to the antics involved with this canine. The artwork is adorable as usual and very vibrant. This is great for our imagination because we were speculating what new adventures Walter might have in the future, and the possibilities are endless. I would like to see more merchandise related to the Walter series. I have only seen one stuffed animal. We would love figures and T-shirts to be available. This is a wonderful Walter addition. We recommend it. ~ Andra Nieves


Walter himself, with his sweet disposition, lugubrious expression, and gas-distended belly, will indeed fart his way right into your heart.

Walter the Farting Dog: Banned From the Beach (2007)

Cute book....started a new holiday tradition.


Walter the Farting Dog: Banned from the Beach
Walter the Farting Dog: Banned from the Beach

I purchase one of these books for my flatulent, 39 year old brother every year for Christmas. Each one is just as entertaining as the last. The whole family gathers around, while he reads it aloud and we all laugh until we cry.....and yes, there are adult beverages involved in this tradition. There's even a Walter, The Farting Dog stuffed animal available that certainly adds a nice touch to the family tradition. Anyway, I can't say that there is any great educational or moral value, it's just simple entertainment (emphasis on simple). ~ Gracie P


Walter is fantastic. This is the type of book that almost makes me want to have kids, just so we could giggle together over the farting dog. ~ Jessica

LeapFrog® Tag Kid Classic Storybook - Fun and Learning for Ages 4 - 7

A good laugh for any child who enjoys dogs and farts.


Leapfrog Tag Kid Classic Storybook Walter The Farting Dog Goes On A Cruise
Leapfrog Tag Kid Classic Storybook Walter The Farting Dog Goes On A Cruise

This is a favorite book for my son. He enjoys they story, the dog, but most of all the farting sounds (what little boy wouldn't). The story is actually based on a series that I never heard of until this book came out for the Tag reader. The story is about a dog and his family going on a cruise, but the dog gets kicked off the ship due to his smelly farts. In the end he helps the broken ship with (you guessed it), his farts from the cheese he ate earlier. It's a story that will make any little boy laugh until it hurts. It's just not the most appropriate book I would take when going to someone else's house (unless there will be other kids around in a separate room). ~ Vanessa


"Is there any reason to purchase this, besides the fact that kids will find it hysterical? The dialog is clever, and the art is quite ingenious. Seemingly computer-conceived characters - including Walter complete with a permanently abashed expression - are unique efforts, as are the smoothly colored backgrounds. All in all, it's a gas." ~ Booklist

Plush Toys, Too....

Makes Delightfully Disgusting Sounds...

Walter the Farting Dog from the Katzwinkle and Murray childrens' book. Just squeeze Walter and he will make numerous farting sounds. Measures over 8 inches in length. A great gift for any occasion. Watch their reaction when they give Walter a squeeze.

MerryMakers Walter the Farting Dog Plush Toy, 8-Inch
MerryMakers Walter the Farting Dog Plush Toy, 8-Inch

Goes Great with the Books!

This is a small-ish plush dog that emits two different fart sounds when squeezed--good for inducing extended laughter in anyone who can't help themselves. The likeness to Walter in the books (series: Walter the Farting Dog) is excellent. This is a great, fun gift, especially if you are a fan of Walter and his aromatic adventures! ~ Yvonne Gittelson

Click Here for Details!


If you just can't get enough of Walter, this is the plush dog for you. Like the original sized Walter, this large version has two farting sounds when you squeeze him. Soft cuddly plush and safe

for all ages.

MerryMakers Walter the Farting Dog Plush Toy, 18-Inch
MerryMakers Walter the Farting Dog Plush Toy, 18-Inch


Was looking for the hippo from NCIS for my husband's birthday. The hippo doesn't fart as a toy, the show uses sound effects. I bought this for my husband. The dog is very cute in an odd way and he makes two farting sounds. Husband laughed for hours. It was a fun gift. ~ Julie

Click Here for Details!


VIDEO: Delighted by Disgusting Sounds... LOL!

Like just about every young child I know (and many NOT so young, as well), the sounds of bodily functions tickles the "funny bone" like crazy!

More Funny Books About Dogs and Lots of Other "Smelly Stuff"...

The below books can help your children better understand their bodies and natural functions in humorous but understandable ways....


Farting Fred and the Dog Show
Farting Fred and the Dog Show

So funny!!

My grandson LOVES this book as well as the other Walter the Farting Dog books in the series! He wants this book read to him over and over and even the teacher at his pre-school asked for my daughter to come and share it with the class! ~ M. Bentley

Click for Details!

The Truth About Poop
The Truth About Poop

Fascinating Science

The title is self-explanatory, and don't sniff and turn away from this one. (Pardon the pun.) It makes for fascinating reading even for the most fastidious reader. Although her touch is light, and it's impossible to read the book without grinning, Susan never goes for the cheap shot. She chuckles without smirking. Chapter headings include: Useful Poop, History of the Toilet Parts 1 and 2, Dung Dispatch, and Poop Power. Having trouble getting third or fourth graders to read a book? Put this one on the table and see how long it takes before a group of kids (probably boys) are gathered around absorbing scientific information. ~ Carol O. Hurst

Click for Details!

Where's the Poop?
Where's the Poop?

Help with Potty Training!

This book is well written and the pictures and flaps are very, very good. My grandson (2-1/2) wanted it read over and over again. Perhaps it is coincidence, but shortly after receiving this and the other new books on potty training from Amazon, he just about potty trained himself!! Prior to the books, he wouldn't even discuss using the potty and we did not want to make this training a "forced issue." So don't hesitate to purchase "Where's the Poop!"

~ Sego "Proud Nana"

Click for Details!

Excuse Me!
Excuse Me!

A Hilarious Book for Everyone!

As a parent and teacher, I'm always on the lookout for quality children's books. Excuse Me by Lisa Kopelke has creatively textured and detailed illustrations, and the story keeps kids giggling the whole way through. When we finish reading this book, I hear a chorus of young voices say, "More Frog!" A successful lesson in manners and a hilarious read. This picture book a real winner! ~ Deanne B.

Click for Details!


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    • Redneck Lady Luck profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 

      5 years ago from Canada

      I fell in love with Walter the first time I saw him. Kids love him.

    • victoriahaneveer profile image


      6 years ago

      Now these look great!

    • CCGAL profile image


      6 years ago

      I was looking for a review of a children's book about passing wind, and this lens came up in search ... but it's wonderfully funny and is even better than the one I knew about and was looking for. Submitting this one to the Happy Birthday Hans Quest and leaving an angel blessing to boot. Lovely job on this!

    • Gypzeerose profile image

      Rose Jones 

      6 years ago

      This is such a great lens - you and I seem to share a similar sense of humor and enjoyment of life. Well put together lens, and pretty. Angel blessed!

    • TransplantedSoul profile image


      7 years ago

      It's all about humour. Have you ever seen the book by Robert Munsch "Good Families Don't" - also about farts... keeps the kids enthralled.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Never heard of them before - hilarious!

    • squidoopets profile image

      Darcie French 

      7 years ago from Abbotsford, BC

      Go Walter! Bow Wow I ruff this lens!

    • UKGhostwriter profile image


      7 years ago

      My dfaughters favourite dog ...and book!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Hahahaha.....Nothing makes my boys laugh like a good fart story!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I've never heard of these books before. They look like they'd be a lot of fun. Makes me wish I was a kid again.

    • hlkljgk profile image


      9 years ago from Western Mass

      we just got banned from the beach on vacation - too cute. :)

    • Janusz LM profile image

      Janusz LM 

      9 years ago

      L0L never heard of him before :) wonderful lens, Blessed by a Squid Angel.


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