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Wandering Pup

Updated on September 16, 2013

Left on the streets at 4 weeks old. He wandered the streets of Port-of-Spain. Surviving is all he thinks about. Nobody seems to want a brown colored, spotted dog. His mom he still misses and the warmth of her voice and body.

Six months old and still here....looking. Sleeping in trash cans, boxes and even market bags that were discarded. It's a miracle he's still alive. Little children took pity on him and fed him milk or cookies until the grown ups knew. They shooed him away, heartless to the plight of the animal. When the city rains, it's the worst. Hard to find a place to rest and even if one is found, he gets soaked.

It's dangerous out here for a pup with no home. Running from the other street dogs who protect their turf. Even the vagrants are not to be trusted.Some have sick intentions that need not mention. Few have tried to cook him but luckily he escapes every time.

But today he turns a corner and saw a pet shop. In the display are pups like him pressed up on the glass sleeping. A girl and her father walked in, one is lifted from the rest and placed in the arms of the dark haired girl. Funny he thought.....why would they buy one when they could get one for free, like him who deserve a loving home. Sad and dismayed he walked down the cold street. Looking again. Hungry and very cold he finds a solid beat up cardboard box and lays in it. Whining is the only way of getting to sleep for this poor pup.

Friends no longer are seen with him. He had one, a black funny loud mouthed pup. Together they roamed the streets but it was Bud who got them food. And he was ever so playful but the fun ended the day when he went to far in the street and got knock down by a speeding car. No friends since then. Alone is lonely. That is the life made for him.

I will like to kindly ask persons who have read my story to help any abandon animals that they encounter in their communities. Or adopt if you can manage.

© 2013 Cherese George


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    • Cherese George profile imageAUTHOR

      Cherese George 

      5 years ago from Trinidad and Tobago

      Thank you Romeos Quill. Yes i have noticed this same problem in my city as well and feel sorry for them.I just want people to be more sensitive to animals

    • Romeos Quill profile image

      Romeos Quill 

      5 years ago from Lincolnshire, England

      Such a sad tale Cherese George, who, by the way, I'm pleased to make your acquaintance here on HP, of a very real dilemma for many unwanted pets, usually abandoned around December time in this country, although once, when visiting Greece with a girlfriend, we saw how much worse it was over there; emaciated, wandering the streets, some possibly rabid, and as tourists, were discouraged by the locals to feed them.

      Animal shelters always seem to be overrun, and charities in the U.K. like the ' Blue Cross ', do an absolutely sterling, and necessary job in taking care of these unwanted beasts.Unfortunately, these shelters are few and far between, and almost completely rely on donations.

      Thank you for exposing the reality of their plight, and shall share.

      Have a marvelous week ahead;

      Yours Sincerely,



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