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Wandering in my thoughts - Love Poem

Updated on July 11, 2013

Wandering in my thoughts,
Gleaming in my dreams,
You are always there,
Even in my screams.
Though I have found my way,
Through sobs and wails and pains and cries,
I wanted every second to stay,
Making those unnecessary tries.

I knew that the day will come,
When my soul will grieve for you,
My eyes will get fearsome,
I know you knew it too.
I lay bewildered at nights,
Trying to think of the blessed days,
When I relished your sight,
And you promised to love me always.
Through the hugs and kisses,
That we shared alone,
My heart bellows and hisses,
Now that you are gone.
My wishes are always there,
For you to live merrily,
You are always in my prayer,
I'll love you forever verily.


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