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War Bugs Me.

Updated on November 23, 2009

War bugs me!!




oO0<   >oOO

See the butterfly
wings torn asunder
upon barbed wire spraying
its colored powders
luminescent dust
it dots each point
where bodies lie a wriggling
in a crumpled heap below
flowers by the thousands
will remain unpollinated
these barriers they stretch
for miles all filled with tatters
above rivers of blood
in endless flows.

See the little spinner
bugs go tumbling
broken wings explode
as copters fall
to the desert floor
to make a crater
of spilled remains
their guts
just slightly human
or fried into white ash

Bullets buzz like wasps
in heated anger
whirring into flesh
with stings of death
stir up hornets nest's
and suffer daggers
that pain so many souls
with deep regret.

A smirking bush spider weaves
its webs of deceit
that capture young prey
as they grow into fodder
caught up in a war woven
and conceived in madness
till beetles scurry over
their remains.

Soldiers fall off boats
into the tigress
like water bugs
who struggle without legs
sinking in the turbulence
that claims them,
shit infested currents
drag them down
many drowned.

Maggots gather
shrapnel...metal garbage
mix it with their hate
and fertilizers
blasting soldier ants
into confetti.

The worms crawl in and out
of Arling's tons.

Walking sticks become
the mode for many
legs pulled off of others
like the flies
little warped boys
long ago would torture,
laughing as they lay
legless and wingless.

Just some nubs

with no hopes
for a future
despair multi-
faceting thier eyes.

War bugs me
it creeps and crawls
and frightens
all the mother's fearing

it just might
contaminate their sons
and leave wails in the night.

Rich folks just

even the thought of
such a nuisance.
Never does it
lay a single hair
on the fortunate who
grow up sheltered.

Let the inner city
vermin fight those battles
Let the middle class import
war's meat.

The blue bloods all
are marked for
callings elsewhere
but even they cannot escape
death's touch.

The worms eat
all mens flesh
in equal portions
but those who never served
don't mean as much
as those who died to
help keep all lives free
and wealth is worthless
in eternity....

If I had my choice
of who'd share my forever
It would be with the
sand fleas of Normandy
among those brave men who died
to keep my life happy.


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