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War Drums

Updated on July 16, 2015

The Introduction

War is a highly devastating situation. In time past, drums were beaten to send out a cry of warning or to signify the approach of an enemy troupe. No one wishes to be in a war-prone area. It easily puts the mind in a state of confusion and chaos. War has the name of death written all over it.

A lot of lives are lost through wars. People become homeless and find themselves on the streets. Women and children suffer the most. It is a traumatic event that must never be wished upon any nation. It rather unfortunate to note that misunderstanding forms part of the human nature. Misunderstanding between two parties or factions often results in war.

War also connotes a winner-takes-all situation. It must never be condoned. I have seen the mighty fall through war. I have seen the least rise through war. Servants may be found riding in golden chariots whilst the royals are found wanting. It is a pitiful sight. Please read the poem below and I hope you understand.


1. Hear the sound of the war drums,

Shivers run down the spines of the sons of men,

From whence cometh the foe,

And from whence cometh the beast,

No one knows! No one knows!

2. Hear the sound of the war drums,

Mothers hold on tight to babes and weep for the young men,

The elderly run not but await the worst,

No one to run to, nowhere to hide,

Birth of a desolate village awaited.

3. Hear the sound of the war drums,

Heed the call or heed it not,

Run for life or fight to death,

A coward is born or a legend stands tall,

A cross road to decide.

4. Have you not heard before,

Have you not seen before,

Have you not imagined before,

Dark clouds hovered over the mountains,

Did you not know the times?

5. Hear the sound of the war drums,

Sinister is at your door step,

Attack or be attacked,

A beast of no mercy approacheth,

Unshield your swords for the battle has began.

The Discussion

Stanza 1

The writer describes what happens when a war alert is sounded. The enemy approaching may be likened to a beast depending on size his army. The size of an army connotes their strength. There is strength in numbers. The writer reveals a chaotic situation at hand.

Stanza 2

In such situations, the young men are prematurely recruited into the army of the land just to have a sizable number enough to face the enemy. This is often done against the will of the young men. Their parents are not consulted first and no one bothers about the safety of the elderly ones in the land.

Stanza 3

The writer also depicts a situation where people are given the opportunity to become heroes of the land. At the same time, death is presented as well.

Stanza 4

The writer makes a description using a metaphor in this stanza. Dark clouds implies a tragedy that is about to happen.

Stanza 5

The enemy is merciless and one must either fight for his life or run for his life. There is a critical decision to be made in this instance.


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